Hello everyone… I wanted to drop you all a note to say thank you for making me feel welcome at the July 2017
SAMOA general meeting. You all appear to be…. fine folks and a delightful array of Mazda Miata's for me to see! At
the meeting, I talked a little bit about my trunk rack for my 2011 Miata MX-5 Sport. I started off with the
purchase of the "
Surco DR1007 Stainless Steel Removable Deck Rack for Mazda Miata." However, even though I
called Surco before I purchased, and told them my Miata had a trunk lid spoiler and they said it would work. It did
not! Additionally, in my view there is a significant design flaw in the original product; see the photos.
[Ed Note:
this product is also available on

Well I finished my modified version of this trunk rack and I think it will work just fine. I do have to admit, that I was
half way through this project when I realized, that the hardware I was adding to the rack added three pounds to
the weight of the rack and my brain soon started to say, maybe there was / is a better way to fill the gap.
Perhaps some sort of strong wire mesh (instead of wood), less screws / bolts, less weight, less work. But for now,
it is what it is. Easy to put on the trunk and easy off. Luggage stays in place with four straps, one on each side
and two over the top near each end; and, luggage easy on easy off. The trunk can be opened safely and
completely with luggage on the rack. See the photos.

-        George Gold
Modified Luggage Rack for Soft Top NC Miata