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After having a valve stem let go and shred the tire on Highway 5, fifty miles from nowhere, I decided to look for a donut spare tire for my miata.  I looked at a Pick-
N-Pull and after several tries found a 2001 Nissan Maxima would fit both the bolt pattern and over the front caliper. I’m sure there are other tires that will fit as well.
When you get one be sure to try it on the front spindle as these have the larger rotor & caliper. This tire will fit nicely in the trunk when you are not on a road trip.
With the help of something called a VAC U RAK which I found on eBay for $49 + $14 shipping, the tire will fit on the trunk lid as well.  A talented friend made the
fitted vinyl cover.
Spare Tire For 2006 Miata
by Bob Bacon
UPDATE 06/10/2013...  The 16" spare from a third generation RX-7 also fits the NC Miata.  The 17" spares from RX-8's, and late-model Mazda 6's and Mazda 3's also all fit
the NC Miata.  If you have an NC2 Miata (2009+) however, you WILL need a 17" spare to clear your brake calipers.  And there are additional solutions to be found in the
NC section of the Miata Forum.