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This is a page of tech solutions submitted by our members and other Miata enthusiasts.  Please submit your tips, instructions, procedures and any and all unique repair or
upgrade solutions to the SAMOA  
webmaster  for publication on this page.  Please provide as many details and photos as possible.  Microsoft Windows is the preferred
file format.  Your tech solutions, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, most likely will be of benefit to at least one other club member or Miata owner.  And
that is all that matters.  So keep those tech articles coming.
Local (And OnLine) Miata Parts & Service Reviews
(updated 09/14/19 - newest at the bottom of page)
Have you recently had your Miata serviced locally?  Have you had aftermarket parts installed.  How about body, paint and dent repair?  Replacement and/or repair parts?  
Let us know what you like or dislike about service and support in the SAMOA member area.  We will post your reviews here.  Send your comments by email to the
SAMOA Webmaster.  If you wish to remain anonymous all we will publish is a first name and initial and your city of residence.
Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal.  In March, 2009, I discovered that a board had fallen from the rafters in my garage and put three rather ugly dents in
the hood of my Honda S2000.  Through a Google search and positive Yelp reviews, I contacted Jared Tanner at Bullseye.  Although he is located in Roseville,
he was on-site at my house in less than 2 hours the same day.  He repaired all three dents to my 100% satisfaction for less than $200.  But what makes this
company even more admirable is the fact that Jared just yesterday refused my business.  A hit and run SUV put a small tennis ball sized dent in the rear corner
of my Ford Escape.  Jared told me that he could probably get it to within 90% or original for about $250, but that he could not make it perfect.  I
appreciated his candor.  He came all the way out to my house in east Sacramento from Roseville just to turn down a job.  I'll call on Bullseye again if I ever
have the need for this type of repair.  Their website is Jared can be reached at 916-417-8999.  submitted 01/24/13 by Ron P -
Bruton's Glass Company.  I just had my windshield replaced on Mary Pat's 2003 Civic hybrid.  My son had the car for a year down in the Palm Springs area,
and when we got it back the windshield was extremely pitted.  Rick Bruton came out to my house yesterday and did his usual excellent job, with quality
tinted glass and in a timely manner.  His prices are very competitive as well.  Rick and Donna run their own family-owned business, not a franchise operation,
and have done work for me dating back to 1996.  Their website is and their telephone is 916-725-5565.  submitted 01/30/13 by
Ron P - Sacramento
Bob's Custom Auto & Boat Upholstery.  Several snaps on my convertible boot broke.  I had all of them replaced for $75 at Bob's.  His shop is located at
808 Atlantic Street, Roseville, California, 95678.  916-784-1442.  
submitted 05/15/13 by Mike D - Granite Bay
J28 Designs, Inc.  This company manufactures and distributes two products - the BlendMount for adding a radar detector to a car's rear view mirror, and
the MirrorTap, for wiring the device to the mirror's electrical connection.  In the Miata, it works quite well with the car's powered mirrors MY2000+.  I recently
installed an Escort 9500 in this manner and it works quite well.  The only downside is that the company does not readily answer any emails.  In fact, they
have email addresses listed for 3 separate companies...
J28 Designs, BlendMount, and MirrorTap.  Very confusing.  You must contact Mike Giordano, the
company's president, to get a response.  You can reach him at (707) 400-6080.  
submitted 06/05/13 by Ron P - Sacramento
Marco Muffler.  I recently decided to perform, justs for grins and giggles, a mufflerectomy on my Miata - 2012 GT PRHT.  I am running the stock header
with the RS (Goodwin Racing) catted midpipe, and a RSII muffler (also GWR).  It didn't sound loud enough, to me anyway, to keep my neighbors on their
toes.  There are several writeups on the Miata Forum by those who have replaced their muffler with just twin exhaust pipes.  For less than $300 the job can
be performed and is completely reversible.  Marco welded a removable exhaust (sans muffler) that bolts to the midpipe where the muffler would, utilizing a
Y-pipe, twin exhaust pipes, hangars, and chrome tips.  Until the engine is started it looks basically stock.  It does not add any HP or torque but I like it for the
Marco Muffler did a great job, which took about 1.5 hours.  You can find them at 2809 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819.  (916) 481-2240.  
submitted 06/10/13 by Ron P - Sacramento
Les Schwab Tires, 7880 Walerga Road, Antelope, CA.  I had been using this shop for nearly 10 years, but no more.  Last July I brought my 2012 Miata in
for an alignment, and it took 2 additional trips back to get things right.  First the camber differences were significant left to right, and then the tech had
dialed in rear toe out instead of toe in.  They finally got it correct, however, so I thought I would give them my business once again this week, since my car
has a slight pull to the right.  When I arrived for my appointment yesterday, The manager, Steve, pulled me aside and told me that he was upset that I
complained the previous year about my experience.  I HAD TO GO BACK 2 MORE TIMES, STEVE, BEFORE YOUR GUY GOT IT RIGHT!  Then he informed me
that the technician was busy with another customer.  I said I would wait, but he told me he would be busy all day.  The alignment rack was empty.  At this
point a light went off and I realized that they just did not want my business anymore.  After 10 plus year, and 1 complaint, which WAS WARRANTED. So, if
you are in need of an alignment be aware that this shop does not like people who demand quality service.  
submitted 03/07/14 by Ron P - Sacramento
Bruton’s Glass Company.  I needed a new NC windshield badly and didn’t have lots of time to check several vendors. Thanks to the SAMOA website, I call
Bruton’s Glass and never worried. Greg arrived at my house on time and was friendly and willing to answer any questions. He made a point of letting me know
they only use OEM parts (especially the glass due to its curves) and procedures. All the service technicians are certified installers and keep their knowledge
and training up to date. The process was efficient and methodical. He didn’t skip a step and along the way explained what he was doing and why. The most
impressive part of the service was at the end when he was re-connecting the rearview mirror. For some reason, there was some “play” between the
mounting bracket and the mirror stem and he didn’t like that. He must have spent 15-20 minutes figuring out how he could shim the connecting parts so
there was no wiggle anywhere. When he was satisfied, believe me, so was I. For the price and the level of service, I’m happy to refer this company to
anyone needing automobile glass replacement.  submitted 03/12/14 by Don J - Sacramento
Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal.  My NC came home with me over a year ago with several small dents front, rear and sides. Based on the write-up on the
SAMOA web page, I called them for an estimate. The technician arrived, looked over the car and gave me his assessment. I had already marked the dents I
could see, but his trained eye found even more. We agreed on a price and which dents really needed repair. I was afraid he’d have to remove a door or trunk
lid or something to get to some of the impressions, but he found access holes which I didn’t know existed and was able to get it all done without touching a
bolt or screw. By the way he worked, you could tell he respected my property and took pride in his work. After a couple of weeks, I’ve forgotten where the
dents even were. When my Subaru is ready for some “dress up” work, I’ll be calling these guys again.  submitted 03/12/14 by
Don J - Sacramento
Radial Tire Service.  After my less than pleasant experience at Les Schwab the previous week, I decided to revisit Radial Tire Service, 2500 Cottage Way,
Sacramento 95825, for my annual alignment.  I made an appointment on Friday, March 7th for the following Monday morning.  When I arrived Raphael, the
technician, was waiting for me at 8:00AM sharp.  The alignment rig at RTS is all computerized and laser-guided.  There is no ramp to drive up - the technician
works from a pit below the vehicle - so lowered cars need not worry.  Raphael offered to do a ballasted alignment but I declined to remain in the vehicle.  An
hour later he reported that he was finished, and the results were EXACTLY as I had specified.  He also stated that if I did not like the results (which I
specified) I could return within 30 days for a free adjustment.  All this and the price of only $75 was welcome as well.  I will return to RTS in the future for my
alignment needs.  Radial Tire Service is a family owned business and prides itself on competitive prices and excellent customer service.  They have been
providing goods and services to the racing and sports car community for many years.  (916) 481-7007.  
submitted 03/12/14 by Ron P - Sacramento
The Tire Shop.  Offers a free alignment when you buy 4 new tires.  State of the art alignment rack, good prices on tires too.  Contact Joel at (916)
534-7908.  The Tire Dealer is located at 10629 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.  Great prices - great service.  
submitted 03/18/14 by Bob C -
Fair Oaks
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Rowes Auto Body.  I recently had to have my rear bumper repaired (my fault, I'll admit). Nothing  really all that bad, just needed to get it off my mind.
After getting 3 estimates from reputable shops, I chose Rowes Auto Body in Orangevale. The owner did the estimate and he was the only one who told me,
flat out, that the cover had to be replaced. No false hope about "maybe it can be repaired, we'll know more after we take it off" nonsense.  The work took
about 3 days - that included getting all the parts, painting the new cover and putting it all back on. What I did not expect was that they washed and detailed
the car! I could smell the wax as I walked up to take a look. Even the canvas top was cleaner and darker. They told me they do that with all the cars they fix.
I was very happy with the work and the price was within a few dollars of the other shops. If you live anywhere close to Orangevale (or even if you don't) and
need good, honest body work, I suggest you contact: Rowes Auto Body at (916) 988-1515, 8832 Greenback Lane, Orangevale 95662. Owner is Stacey
Rowe.  submitted 07/29/14 by Don J - Sacramento
Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal.  A large branch fell out of my tree and put a softball sized dent between the fuel filler door and taillight.  I was
concerned that the dent could not be fixed easily or that the paint would crack or I would do more damage if I tried to push it out from behind.  Based upon
the testimonials here I spoke with Jared Tanner from Bullseye.  He set up a convenient time to meet so he could evaluate the repair and give an estimate.  
He was able to fix the dent and a few other small dings in the rear decklid at a very reasonable cost.  
Before and after photos.  I highly recommend Bullseye
for paintless dent repair.  submitted on 09/08/15 by Stephen M - Sacramento
Automotive Touchup dot Com.  The paint I ordered was a perfect match for my 2002 Miata.  I used the brush-in touchup paint and the paint pen - both
easy to use and the results look good.  The website made it fairly simple to order the right color.  Go online to  
Automotive Touchup  or call 888-710-5192.  
submitted 04/22/16 by Jon S - Rocklin
Elk Grove Custom.  This state of the art collision repair and automotive custom shop is owned by Mazda of Elk Grove.  Although I purchased my new 2016
ND elsewhere, I heard good things about this shop's work and level of service.  I contracted with them to install Xpel paint protection film to the front and
sides of my new Miata.  I was not disapponted.  I delivered the car to them the second day after I took delivery, and their van gave me a ride home.  They
thoroughly prepped the areas to be covered with a clay bar and polish to make sure the paint surface was perfect.  They also temporarily removed the front
badge.  Although the car was ready later that day, Ricardo suggested they keep it indoors over night as it was raining and they wanted to make sure it cured
properly.  They even offered to pick me up at my home the next morning.  The shop did an excellent job.  I am confident that any issues that arise during
the Xpel warranty period (10 years) will be handled promptly by
Elk Grove Custom.  (916) 525-4500.  submitted 03/09/2017 by Ron P - Sacramento
Treasure Coast Miata.  I own a 2000 Special Edition Miata.  It is Mahogany Mica arguably the most beautiful Miata ever produced with a beige interior and
beige soft top.  I repeat…..BEIGE, not tan like so many other models.  To my knowledge this is the only model year that beige was used and it is a challenge
when  buying replacement parts such as tonneau covers, glove box consoles, and any other item that has to be the exact color of the interior.  A fellow
SAMOA club member suggested I try Treasure Coast Miata at and bingo, success!  They had the best price for replacement
OEM fog lights and they also had a gently used tonneau cover for a 2000 Miata SE in beige.  Ordering was easy, order confirmation and fulfillment was quick
and parts arrived as promised.  -
submitted 06/08/2017 by Ellen F - Cameron Park
Trackmasters Racing.  This organization, which operates open track days at 4 different tracks in Northern California, is consistently rated highest in driver
satisfaction among all track day organizers.  Doug has been in this business for more than 20 years.  His events are always safe and well run.  TMR provides
plenty of track time for advanced, intermediate and novice drivers, and he will also provide the newest participants with free excellent instruction as well.  The
recent SAMOA track day on August 3, 2018 was run under the Trackmasters banner.  Check out
Trackmasters Racing on the web.  - submitted
08/08/2018 by Ron P - Sacramento
S T O R E  C L O S E D
Paradyme Car Audio.  I have been a happy customer of Paradyme for more than 20 years.  In all this time their prices have been fair and their work top
notch.  That all changed a few weeks ago when I approached Terry, the owner, and asked for suggestions for improving the sound of my Bose system in my
ND Miata.  I had just swapped the door 6.5" woofers with CDT speakers, a plug and play speaker highly recommended on the Miata Forum.  To me the
speakers alone made no discernible improvement.  Terry immediately recommended I install an 8" subwoofer in a custom enclosure to REPLACE the Bose
5.25" sub, and power everything with an Audison digital sound processor (DSP) and amp.  He promised I would get great sound using my existing CDT door
woofers and Bose tweeters, after he tuned everything using his laptop and Audison tuning software.  In background, Paradyme is a licensed Audison vendor
and Terry is famous for his tuning skills.  Yet in this case, Terry could not tune out annoying noise and distortion.  First he blamed my Bose tweeters.  He
swapped in a different brand with no improvement.  Two further subsequent tuning sessions could not produce good sound without distortion.  Then he
added capacitors to trick the Bose amp into playing nice with the Audison DSP/AMP. Finally Terry concluded that there were irreconcilable differences
between the Bose and Audison hardware that he just could not fix.  His recommendation was to remove the Audison DSP/AMP, reinstall all of the Bose
speakers but add an aftermarket amp and interface to keep the Pioneer subwoofer in the loop.  Essentially what I started out with with only the subwoofer
swapped out. I agreed (what choice did I have at this point?).

But here is the rub.  My total costs for the flawed system (before removing the new gear) was $1,670.32.  My net cost after removal of the Audison) is
$1602.82.  That $1,602.82 includes $870.00 in labor (install, tuning and custom fabrication).  The difference of $732.82 is the subwoofer itself, $81.42, the
amp to power it, $349.99, miscellaneous hardware, $219.94, and sales tax, $81.47.  I could have done a LOT better just installing a second sub (in series) in
the cubby behind the passenger seat, as others on the Miata Forum have done with great success, at one-tenth this cost.).

Paradyme made an offer to refund $220 ($120 in labor and $100 for tuning costs).  This is not satisfactory.  Inasmuch as I was promised a "system" which
would deliver the sound quality that was promised, I would like the factory subwoofer reinstalled and a complete refund.  Given the fact that my system has
sounded like c**p for the better part of 3 weeks already, I think I am justified.  Paradyme should treat this as the cost of learning, not me.  
- submitted
08/31/19 by Ron P - Sacramento
Bruton's Glass Company.  Once again Scott and the team at Brutons did a fantastic job in replacing the windshield of my 2016 GT Miata.  Windshield
replacement on the ND, especially those cars with the complicated embedded electronics, has become more involved and MUCH more expensive (as much as
4 times the cost of the NC windshield).  My windshield had accumulated 3 years worth of pitting (lots of back roads and track days) to the point that it was
unsafe to drive looking into sun or partial sun.  Once Allstate approved the replacement, Scott and his team ordered in the glass and the 3 pieces of exterior
cladding and scheduled me into their shop.  The whole process took about 2 hours, including wait time for the sealant to gel.  I paid my deductable and they
took care of the rest directly with Allstate.  They even set me up for an immediate appointment with a calibration shop less than a mile away, to get the
perimeter sensors adjusted properly.  Excellent service once again. Brutons is located in Citrus Heights and can be reached at (916) 725-5575.
- submitted
09/14/19 by Ron P - Sacramento