Hair In The Wind - May 18, 2013
To the “Hair in the Wind” participants,

I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your day and showing some folks why we enjoy driving our great cars.  I
received many positive remarks from your passengers and the smiles on their faces when you brought them back into the
parking lot was priceless.  

If anyone you had as a passenger during their journey expressed any comments and what they thought of the experience
please drop me a note and paraphrase what they said or in some cases did.  Also if there was any changes or suggestions to
make this a better experience I would appreciate those comments too.  I have some ideas what I can do to make the transition
smoother but I would like to hear from you too.  Pictures will be posted on the web page in a couple of days, take a look.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing most of you at the Fountains of Roseville.  Information will follow as the date gets

Robin George
Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association