New Year's Resolutions for SAMOA Members
The following list of New Year's Resolutions are especially designed and suggested for SAMOA members and other Miata owners.  It is important to take time now to
reflect upon how we have treated ourselves and our beloved sports cars, to make amends for past mistreatment, and to do those things in 2021 that will enable us to
save our own souls and the souls of our Miatas.  The following is a list of suggested resolutions.  Pick and adopt all of them or just some of them.  Add your own to the
list.  But the point remains - do something positive in 2021 to foster a closer relationship with your Miata and your fellow owners.  OR ELSE!!!
● Travel more.   Take a road trip or just a Sunday morning drive with the top down.
● Buy a second Miata.  You know what happens with 2 Miatas in a quiet garage.
● Join SAMOA.  If you are not a member, we will hunt you down, you will join, and you WILL
like it.
● Detail your Miata.  A clean and shiny Miata is a happy Miata, and goes much faster.
● Take a drive in the country.  See the first item.  This resolution cannot be overemphasized.
● Do some of your own maintenance.  Get intimate with your car.  Exchange fluids together.
● Modify your Miata.  Add a new muffler, suspension, wheels & tires, shift knob, audio, etc.  Go
to and check out the list of vendors.  Give them your undying love and
devotion, as well as your money.  They are all good folks.
● Go to the track or try autocross.  Your car will thank you for the exercise and you WILL
become a junky.
● Go on an overnight trip with your Miata.  Sleep in the great outdoors with your Miata.  Or
just outside the motel door.  Miata’s love to explore new places.
● Fix a nagging issue.  There must be something that you have been meaning to take care of
during the last year (or 10).  Fix it now.
● Install a garage lift (so you can buy and store more Miatas).  Own the tallest garage in your
neighborhood.  Bragging rights are very important in California.
● Renew your SAMOA membership.  If you don’t we will also hunt you down on this point as
well.  We do not take kindly to those who try to leave the cult.
● Get down and dirty…under your car.  Buy jack stands, change your own oil, transmission and
differential fluids.  Bleed your brakes and clutch.  Tighten up any and all suspension bolts,
chassis braces and heat shields.
● Clean your garage.  Make sure your Miata has a clean, safe and welcoming environment.  
After all, It spends up to 2/3 of its life in here.
● Put up Miata and racing posters in your garage.  This is your man (or woman) cave.  
Personalize it.  When you get kicked out of the house for cleaning your throttle body on the
kitchen table, you will need someplace comfortable and familiar to spend the night.
● Replace your pitted windshield.  Nothing like being able to see once again.  As a corollary,
stop following closely behind trucks and SUV’s after replacement.
● Take a non-Miata friend for a ride.  Scare the @&$$##!@&() out of your neighbor some
Sunday morning.
● Volunteer within SAMOA.  This one should be obvious.  And the latest pay increase and ACA
health care exemption makes these jobs even more attractive.
● Lead a SAMOA event.  
Please please please please…..
● Make sure your registration is current.  There is nothing worse than being on a SAMOA drive
and being pulled over by the local constabulary (from the middle of the pack).  You will miss
some money AND the meal at the end of the drive.
● Replace your windshield wipers (see replace windshield above).  If you do this it will definitely
rain a lot this winter.
● Attend every SAMOA meeting.  There is a huge prize waiting for you next December if you
do this.
● Buy a new 2021 Miata.  They are now out.  More horsepower.  Your new hydraulic lift will
ease the crowding in your garage.
● Learn to drive a manual transmission.  Much more fun and involving than a slush box.  
Automatic transmissions only out of necessity please.
● Attend a race (that does NOT entail going around in circles).  There are both professional
and amateur road races throughout the year at Thunderhill, Sonoma Raceway and Mazda
Raceway Laguna Seca.  You can even combine the overnight resolution above with this one.
● Buy a classic car (to keep your Miata company in the garage).  Show solidarity with the past
(and your advancing age) by purchasing a classic Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Lotus (the original
Miata), etc.  Besides, these cars will give you a chance to more frequently clean your garage
and get down and dirty.
● Drive top down all day.  No stinkin’ tops for us.  The Miata is invigorating on a clear, chilly
winter morning, and sublime on a warm summer day.
● Get a performance alignment.  A performance alignment can transform your Miata.
● Start planning to attend the Miata 31st Anniversary Weekend in ??? in 2021 and help set a
new world record for the most Miatas in one place.
● Welcome in a new President and BOO in 2021!