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Robin’s Nest
By Robin George

April got off strong with a variety of events.   The most successful event, Got Guts II at Thunderhill, was SAMOA sponsored but
in fact was all the work of Ron Petrich.  Got Guts at Thunderhill was Ron’s brainstorm last year.  That event raised $10,050.50 for
the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  All the final numbers aren’t in yet, since the event was held yesterday, April 23.  But
early indications are that it was another success.  On behalf of the BOO and SAMOA, Thank You Ron.

April Fools Day, found Jeanne and I leading an adventure seeking group through the hills and curves outside of the Placerville area
ending with lunch at a pizza restaurant in Lotus.  The smiles from the other 18 members gave us the satisfaction that we planned
an enjoyable route.  Several areas allowed for the scenic enjoyment of passengers and other areas provided a safe environment
for the drivers to exercise their curve skills.  The success of the event (we didn’t lose anyone or have passengers leaving the
vehicles) will start us working on our next event.

Denise Correia led a repeat of her previously run event, Zoo Zoom.   We heard it was very successful and many people enjoyed
the Apple Hill stop to get veggies for the zoo animals and the private tour of the Zoo.  Thank You Denise for putting on this

Skip Noyes led a group of people through some back roads to the Empire Mine.  We weren’t able to attend and haven’t heard
feed back.  Hopefully the iffy weather held out for them.  Thank You Skip for offering the adventure to members and the picnic
which followed the drive.

As we go to newsletter deadline, I would like to inform you that the Board of Officers (BOO) is working on plans for several
upcoming largely attended events.  At the last BOO meeting it was voted to have the SAMOA 17th Birthday party held at
Windwalker Winery and will be catered by Incahoots BBQ.  Food selections were chosen and Jeanne is working with the caterer
for costs.  Denise Correia will again Chair the Scrabble Scramble event along with the help of a committee.  Route plans are being
worked on by Jack Parker.  Denise and Ron Crawford are researching lunch and dinner locations and pricing.  We have received a
commitment from Mazda for sponsorship, which is considerably less than previous years and will require SAMOA funds for additional
support.  Joanne and Ralph Ginrich have organized the Holiday Party for a number of years, they have decided to step down from
this event.  Gundi Bechtold has volunteered to take over from them.  She is working with Ralph to cover all the details and
planning involved as well as pricing and requesting some SAMOA financial support. Thank you to all the individuals working on
these various events.  More details will be provided in the future for all these events.    

As the weather bounces between sun and rain, we are in constant need of cleaning products and additional products for our
Miatas.  Some are for convenience and others are a NEED.  At the April meeting, Skip Noyes representing Clearwater Speakers
made a generous offer to SAMOA members for upgraded head rest speakers at a considerable discount.  Over the years I
thought my original factory speakers were sufficient.  But Jeanne suggested I upgrade the speakers as my May Birthday present.  
I have learned, any time she agrees to something for the Miata, don’t hesitate.  She picked up the speakers from Skip and I
installed them.  I was wrong; my original speakers weren’t even satisfactory.  She and anyone near me now hears the great
sound coming from them.   Contact Skip if you would like to make this sound difference in your Miata.  They are easy to install.   
If you thought I was loud before, look out.

Happy motoring in May.

My Other Ride
By Mike DeLaurentis

Of course we love driving our Miata and I don’t even mind washing and waxing it.  After all, the 2000 SE Mahogany is arguably
the most beautiful color Miata has ever produced!  We very much enjoy getting together with old SAMOA friends and making
new ones too.  We have a good group and we enjoying being with them.

However from time to time we like to do some other fun things and were just able to do so in the form of a bare boat charter in
the British Virgin Islands.  Six of us leased a 47’ catamaran and bounced around the BVI for a week.  What a boat.  Each of the
four cabins had it’s own head and shower and each was large enough to accommodate a queen sized mattress.  The salon area
holding the galley, dining table and navigation station was large enough to park at least two Miatas in it.  The twin diesel engines
and screws allowed us to turn on a dime when maneuvering in tight spots such as crowded anchorages.  All of the creature
features such as the A/C, microwave, auto-pilot, stove, oven, GPS and refrigerator/freezer, worked great.  In 20 knot+ winds the
boat hardly listed at all and took five to six foot swells in stride.  What a boat….or did I say that already?

Two weeks hence I am still going through vacation withdrawal.  As I write this it was just two weeks ago at this time that we
were moored in Soper’s Hole on the capitol island of Tortola, bar-be-cuing steaks off of the transom grill and hoping the fire didn’t
cause an inferno as the dinghy’s gas tank wasn’t too far from the flames.  The boats next to us had similar hopes.  We had Red
Stripe beers at the ready in case we had to douse the flames so we considered ourselves fire safe.

We’re back to reality now but are already planning our next sailing excursion hopefully in a couple of years.  In the mean time we
look forward to getting back to Miata things including the Moab trip as well as our July 4th Mt. Shasta run and other local events.

If you like to sail I’ll be happy to boar you with lots of stories and lots more pictures but the ones attached to this story are my
favorites of the sailing vessel Saba Rock V which was our ride for a week.

I have permission to go ashore but prefer to be back at sea (see photos at bottom).

Treasure Trove News
By Jeanne George

Welcome to new members joining in April:
Deni Gray (sponsored and paid by members Terri and Bob Bacon)
Renee and Jim Towan
Steve Stevenson
Susan and John Coleman

Memberships Expiring on May 1:
Chermak, Ray and Susan
Chin, David
Cowan, Clay and Barbara
Hahn, JR and Susie
Wilson, Toni

Memberships Renewed in April:
Rod Gonzalez
Gary and Gundi Bechthold
Dee and Bob Jensen

You Know You Are From California If...
By Ron Petrich

1.   Your co-worker has 8 body piercings and none are visible.
2.   You make over $300,000 and still can't afford a house.
3.   You take a bus and are shocked at two people carrying on a conversation in English.
4.   Your child's 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Flower.
5.   You can't remember . . is pot illegal?
6.   You've been to a baby shower that has two mothers and a sperm donor.
7.   You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and you can taste the difference between
  Sumatran and Ethiopian.
8.   You can't remember . . is pot illegal?
9.   A really great parking space can totally move you to tears.
10. Gas costs $1.00 per gallon more than anywhere else in the U.S.
11. Unlike back home, the guy at 8:30 am at Starbucks wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like George Clooney
  really IS George Clooney.
12. Your car insurance costs as much as your house payment.
13. You can't remember . . is pot illegal?
14. It's barely sprinkling rain and there's a report on every news station: "STORM WATCH."
15. You pass an elementary school playground and the children are all busy with their cells or pagers.
16. It's barely sprinkling rain outside, so you leave for work an hour early to avoid all the weather-related accidents.
17. HEY!!!! Is pot illegal????
18. Both you AND your dog have therapists, psychics, personal trainers and cosmetic surgeons.
19. The Terminator is your governor.
20. If you drive illegally, they take your driver's license away. If you're here illegally, they want to give you one.

You Like Lightweight Wheels?
By Jack Parker

This months tech tip is more of a warning than a tip.  As you probably have guessed by now, my obsession with weight, whether
it be lightweight wheels, seats, interiors or even tires has been an ongoing crusade.  Weight slows you down and in turn weight
in the wrong places for the sake of making your car more "attractive" (subjective) is even more detrimental to your cars health.

Let me begin by saying that the wheels on the autocross car that were purchased a couple of years ago from Goodwin Racing in
southern California were originally advertised at 10.6 pounds per wheel.  A very decent weight savings over the, at the time,
wheels on the car.  And for $119 a corner a good value as well.  So four were ordered and placed into service.

A funny thing happened on the way to this year's competition season.  According to all accounts the wheels have mysteriously
gained weight.  In all the advertising on Goodwin and Tire Rack these same wheels gained 1.6 pounds.  Must have been the high
caloric air everyone uses.  Cheaters!  These wheels are no longer lightweight wonders they once were.

That brings us to the current problem.  Advertising by all the sites led the consumers to believe these wheels, Kosei K1 TS
anthracite, were strong and light.  So much for the false claim that they were light.  How about structurally.  Please direct your
attention to the
Got Guts At Thunderhill II photo album on our website.  

There you will find a picture of what is left of my right rear that was used at Got Guts at Thunderhill II.  At the bottom of the
page, second from the right, is a picture of a wheel that was supposedly, at the time of purchase, a structurally sound, good
value of a wheel.  Notice the lack of center section.  This all occurred in turn five at Thunderhill just at the apex and on the
entrance to the downhill off camber section of the turn.  Great fun, as J B, my son, would say.  A 180 counterclockwise rotation
resulted, ending up off track and with a completely thrashed wheel and tire.  Very exciting stuff.  And Brian's comment when
called to tell him of my unscheduled off track excursion resulting from a wheel he sold me:  "It happens all the time".  Yikes!  First
time I have ever seen a wheel break.  So do your research.  By the way, my new RPF1s will be here soon.

April Fools Day Run
By Jeanne George

After I arranged a few hours delay of my mother’s hospital release and my needed care, Robin picked me up at Kaiser Hospital and
we headed to the Placerville meeting location.  

Second to arrive was Rod Gonzalez in a 2006 white Miata.  In December Rod traded his Montego Blue for a house; it wasn’t an
even trade since his Miata wasn’t worth that much!  He was telling us about the great deal he obtained from Hertz and their
generous offer to take his Kia off his hands. “They made an offer I couldn’t refuse”.  Ron Petrich arrived and was surprised; while
looking it over he teased Rod about it being a “slush box”.   While Rod repeated his story to Ron, I noticed dirt and dust collected
on the black areas.  I began dusting as Rod explained to other arrivals that he spent hours cleaning the car after he picked it up
last night.  Ron got some window cleaner from his car and went to work as well.  Other members arrived and congratulated Rod
on his new acquisition.  

Twenty people in 12 Miatas and Ron in his Honda S2000 were ready to enjoy the sun and perfect weather.   Robin called the
group together, at which time he said, “Aprils Fools, there is no run today.  Your run was the drive up here!"  After safety
instructions and introductions, Robin explained we would be testing the 4 new SAMOA radios.  In addition we had some radios of
our own and passed them out; almost every car had a radio.  Graeme Kinsey, Delta Club President, offered a hand signal for the
group to use when encountering pot holes or other unexpected objects.  Robin warned everyone to watch for the troll at the
bridge crossing.

We headed out through scenic areas followed by the twisty turns of Rock Creek Road.  To allow drivers to fully enjoy their own
pace and test their ability, we requested a 15 second departure between vehicles.   Using the radio Robin was able to advise the
others of oncoming traffic and hazards.   At the end of Rock Creek Road, people got out to stretch legs, talk, and wait for the
end of the group.  People congregated around Rod, who was 4th in line, asking how the Miata was handling in the turns.  Ralph
and Joanne who were in front of him offered information regarding the location of different lights and buttons since he hadn’t
had much time to locate them.  The group headed to another twisty road and followed the same 15 second departure.  Many
people advised us later that it had been a great idea, they were able to test their ability without worrying about someone
“pushing” them or “holding” them back.

At lunch, as food orders were delivered, Robin thanked everyone for attending and announced some upcoming events.  Graeme
thanked Robin and I for putting on the event.  Next Rod stood up.  He thanked the others for the information they offered
about his car and that he enjoyed driving it, but “I didn’t buy it, I rented it, April Fools!”  The groans and laughs spread quickly as
we all had been fooled.   Ron and I realized we had cleaned a rental car.   Rod had driven from Rancho Cordova to the airport,
paid two days parking, and $70 car rental to pull the joke on the group.    Of course, then he was teased by Robin and Ron as to
who was fooled more.

For all it had been a great day of driving, enjoying the weather, talking and being with friends.

A Long Week-end Drive to the Coast
Adi & Parvin Damania

Friday (30th March) was a university holiday, and so Parvin and I decided to dust off our Miata “Blue Belle” and take her on a nice
long drive to clear out all the accumulated carbon in the upper cylinder area and at the same time, blow out all the cobwebs in
our minds as a result of working day-in and day-out in front of a computer screen.

Our scheduled Friday morning departure of 10:00 AM was actually pushed back to 10:30 AM as we struggled to get everything
loaded in the tiny trunk space that our Miata affords. In the end we decided not to take two cameras, selecting he conventional
Pentax versus SONY Mavica digital. After checking the tire pressure (28 psi), all the car fluid levels, we took off for Winters. As
the gas tank gauge showed only ¼, we decided to fill ‘er up at the Winters Chevron (Hwy505 and 128 junction). “Blue Belle”
had gone 253 miles after the last top up of gas and now thristily gobbled up 9 gallons of premium gas giving an average fuel
consumption of 28.1 mpg. After that we made our winding way west once again on Hwy 128 through some lovely weather and
very light traffic. As usual, trucks pulling boat trailers and vacation motor-homes with recalcitrant drivers slowed us down a bit, but
not too much. Soon we were scooting north on the Silverado trail towards Calistoga. It was prefect top down weather.

We did not stop at Calistoga but pushed on towards Geyserville. However it was getting towards lunch time so we stopped at
Field Stone Winery (where SAMOA made a picnic run long time ago), and tasted a couple of reds and then settled down in the
picnic area and opened our hamper of sandwiches. Alcohol was avoided as it makes me sleepy and that was the last thing we
wanted. 1:00 pm found us back on Hwy 128 with smooth going. We passed half a dozen Porches and a few BMW Z4s going in
the opposite direction, but not a single Miata had been spotted since morning! May be people in these parts did not bother with
Miatas, promoting themselves to the likes of BMWs and Porches directly. Or is it possible Miata drivers were early risers, and were
out and about somewhere already? Anyway, we soon went under the Hwy 101 at Geyserville and continued on Canyon Road,
and flew past the Sonoma Lake recreational park at such a clip that we missed the turning to the left for Skaggs Springs Road!
We found it strange that there were suddenly no more cars on the road but continued regardless. Suddenly, after about 25 miles
the road ended in a pile of dirt! That is when it dawned on us that we were not on the Skaggs Springs Road at all, but on
RockPile Road!!!! After a lot of “I said” and “You said” and “I saw” and “You saw” and gnashing of teeth, we gingerly drove back
25 miles and finally found the turning to the Skaggs Springs Road. A total waste of 50 miles drive.

After about 40 miles of more twisties and shady groves full of ferns and tall redwood trees we abruptly emerged from the forest
on to a welcoming site of bright sunshine and the beautiful Pacific Ocean stretching infinity in front of us. It was the junction of
Hwy 1 at Stewart’s Point. It was now 3:00 PM. A turn to the right took us along the, pretty as a picture, Shoreline Highway. The
rugged stretch of land that runs along Sonoma County's coast inspires grand passions. From the pocket coves of Bodega Bay and
windswept bluffs of Sea Ranch to inland pine-covered peaks and ocean-carved sea stacks, the area is marked by layers of fog,
white/gray seagulls, sweetgrass, and past rolling pastures with grazing beef cattle and colorful meadows. It's a place where you
can tidepool for hours in precious solitude or ride thrilling, frigid waves.

We noticed that it was much cooler on the coast than it was in the interior, which was very nice too. After going past Gualala
and Anchor Bay we came to our overnight accommodation which was Mar Vista Cottages. At this facility, before they arrive,
guests receive a list of seasonal veggie goodies that will be ready to pick and prepare. Renata, the landlady at the Inn, keeps a
few cookbooks and recipes on hand but the timid are reminded that most garden-fresh veggies don't need to be dressed in
elaborate culinary finery. It's amazing what a little garlic and olive oil will do here. This San Francisco couple, Tom and Renata,
renovated a group of 12 fishing cottages built in the 1930s in to self-contained suites where guests are encouraged to help
themselves to freshly laid eggs from free-range in-house chickens and fresh rosemary and chives for steak marinade. Salad greens
of 3 types of lettuces, bitter greens like arugula tossed with sorrel and vibrantly colored radicchio. Another pallet tickling recipe
included, mashed potatoes with sweet scallions. A bunch of faba beans, and sweet peas coiling up among other vegetables in the
garden with patches of broccoli and chard greens were also to be found. Unfortunately, our favorite tomatoes, were out-of-
season. Fully equipped kitchen with pots and pans, crockery and cutlery is provided for in each cottage. Ours was Cottage #6 at
$205/night plus 11% tax! Not economical but unique. There is no TV or telephone in the cottages, which was just as well with
As we were a bit tired after the long drive, we decided to check out the veggie garden and chickens in the morning and instead
opted to have dinner at Arena Cove restaurant and bar a few minutes drive north. The seafood dinner for two with wine of $60
incl. tip was OK, but nothing to die for. Among other dinner patrons at the Cove was a couple who had driven up in a Morgan
Plus4 with the “propah” British racing green. Morgan is the purest of the pure-bred British roadsters that are hand-built in the
Malvern Hills in England. The car was slung low and it was amazing to see the portly bearded driver get in after making his slightly
less healthy lady friend comfortable. Then there was a guy with a huge SUV who had a black lab dog. This pooch was different in
the sense that he loved to swim in the cold waters of the sea. His master would repeatedly throw a piece of wood from the pier
in to the Ocean and the dog would dive in and fetch it back and beg for a repeat performance each time! Finally the dog was
dried off with a towel and with master drove off in to the night. And we went back to the cottage and sat on the deck and
looked at the stars and the almost full moon through my dad’s WWII Czech-made binoculars. In the background was nature’s
symphony being played, with an invisible conductor, by toads, frogs and a multitude of insects.

In the morning (Saturday 31st), bright and early, at around 8:00 AM the car alarm went off. Since there was nothing in sight, and
other cottages were at a distance, we deduced that it could have been a tremor or more likely a deer that got too close, as
there was a thick pine forest behind the cottage. A morning raid on the chicken coop resulted in us having a nice country-style
breakfast of bacon (transported from home in a cooler) and eggs washed down with cups of Darjeeling tea, and lovely bread and
butter (doggy-bagged from the dinner the previous night). After a quick shower (the cubicle was too small for anything else) we
emerged from the Mar Vista driveway and turned left and drove southwards on Hwy 1. The morning was crisp, the traffic light,
and we gladly dove into a turnout the minute there was someone sitting on our tail. We went up to Jenner, stopping often to
see if we could spot any whales, but we did not see any.

On the way back we stopped at Gualala and stopped up the gas tank. By coincidence it was once again exactly 253 miles since
the last top up at Winters the previous day. But this time the thrifty “Blue Belle” took in only 8 gallons! That is, 31.6 mpg. We
were very pleased with this performance. On arrival back at the cottage we made a bee-line for the vegetable garden and
managed to harvest enough greens to make lovely salad of butter-head lettuce, arugula (garden rockets), tender faba beans and
sugar pea pods, spring onions, and some cherry tomatoes picked up in Gualala; all this was dressed up in a cold-pressed unfiltered
olive oil from UC Davis, and a pomegranate based vinaigrette. Everything was washed down with a quarter bottle of Field Stone
Winery cabernet sauvignon. After a 3 hour snooze (after all that wine?) we borrowed a mat and a couple of deck chairs from the
landlady and went down to the sandy beach cove. The descend was a bit dicey with rickety wooden staircase of 140 steps. It
was chillier on the sea-shore and we wished we had taken our jackets. No whales could be seen but we were given company by
a slow-witted seagull who was perhaps expecting some small tidbits from us. The steep climb back and walk to the cottage must
have created an appetite because we were soon sautéing a nice piece of fresh red snapper (snapped up also in Gualala) in olive
oil, and garnished with a little bit of chopped spring onions, basil, and chives. We sipped some more of the Field Stone cab, and
dined inside with a lovely view of the ocean and watching the sun disappear over the horizon on one side and the ascending full
moon on the other. It was getting a bit nippy so we switched on the old-fashion wood-burning oven/heater only it was now fired
by natural gas.

In the morning (Sunday April 1st), after tea and breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to the two resident dogs, the two goats
and a dozen feathery friends. The two out-door feral cats were nowhere to be found. We packed up and loaded the Miata and
after settling the bill, departed at 9:30 AM towards the north on Hwy 1. We drove past, tiny coastal towns of Point Arena,
Manchester, and Elk, and then turned right on to Hwy 128, only to run into a most shady and beautiful drive of about 10-miles
through the Navarro Rover Redwoods State Park. We most reluctantly emerged out into the bright sunshine of Navarro village
and continued down on Hwy 128 going past such quaint towns such as Philo, Boonville and Yorkville. This morning we must have
driven past at least 3 other Miatas going in the opposite direction, acknowledging their presence on the road with a “toot” from
our sickly OEM horn (just one of those few things Mazda did not get right). Suddenly, a silver Mercedes-Benz SLK 500 appeared in
our rear-view mirror. Driving aggressively the German beast was sitting on our tail all the time. So at the next available opportunity
we pulled over in to a turn out and let him pass.

We got on Hwy 101 at Cloverdale and drove past the Italian town of Asti and after only about 10 minutes took the off ramp at
Geyserville and were back on Hwy 128. Since it was only 12 noon we decided to push on to Calistoga where we took a break
and had a lovely lunch at a newly opened bar and gourmet food place called the Wappo Bar Bistro Restaurant offering an eclectic
blend of a variety of the regional cuisines of world. It was hot! After a bit of window shopping, we were back in the saddle for a
leisurely drive back home to Woodland. This time there was nothing ahead or behind us and we enjoyed the drive at our own

History of May Celebrations
By Jeanne George

May 1st often referred to as May Day began as a spring festival celebrating human fertility and the renewal of nature.  It
originated with the celebration of the Roman goddess Flora and then spread to other countries in the Roman Empire.  It was
especially popular in England during medieval times.  There the activities centered around the maypole.  To celebrate the
upcoming spring, a tree was collected from the woods, brought into the different villages, and decorated. Often people
participated in casual sexual encounters while in the woods.

The Puritans found the latter activity to be objectionable and the celebrations were banned in 1644 by English parliament.  It
reappeared under Charles II in 1660.  During the Victorian period the overt sexuality of the festival went underground and May
Day was changed to a celebration of England.  May Day didn’t grab the attention of the people of the United States due to the
Puritan influence.  In some countries it is celebrated as a time of courtship.  Other countries celebrate with maypole dances,
parades, and many countries use this chance to exhibit military prowess.

Mother’s Day, May 13th
The celebration of Mother’s Day can be traced to the spring celebration of the ancient Greeks honoring Rhea, the Mother of the
Gods.  In England in the 1600’s the 4th Sunday of Lent was called Mothering Sunday to honor the mother’s of England.  At that
time, many of the poor were servants to the wealthy.  Most of those laborers were far from home so they lived at the house of
their employer.  On Mothering Sunday, the servants were given the day off and encouraged to return home and spend the day
with their mothers.

When Christianity spread throughout England, the celebration was changed to honor the “Mother Church”--the spiritual power
that gave them life and protected them from harm. Over time people blended the church festival with Mothering Sunday. In
1872, in the United States, Mother’s Day became a day dedicated to peace.  In 1907 a campaign was led by Ana Jarvis to make it
a national holiday; it was successful and by 1911 it was celebrated in all states.  In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made the
official announcement proclaiming Mother’s Day as a national holiday each year on the second Sunday of May.

Memorial Day, May 28th
Was originally called Decoration Day, when organized groups of women in the south decorated confederate soldiers’ graves before
the end of the Civil War.  Following the Civil War the communities of the northern states set aside a day to mark the end of the
war and to honor the Union dead.  Currently it is a day set aside to remember those men and women who died while in our
nation’s service.  Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand
Army of the Republic.  It was first observed on May 30, 1868 at Arlington Cemetery, when flowers were placed on the graves of
the Union and Confederate soldiers.  New York was the first state to recognize the holiday in 1873 and by 1890 all of the
northern states recognized the day to honor the Civil War dead.  The southern states refused to acknowledge that date and
honored a different date until after World War I, when it became a day to honor those Americans who died in any war.  On May
30, 1911 the long standing tradition of the Indianapolis 500 got it’s start.

In 1971 Congress passed the National Holiday Act, which moved the celebration to the last Monday of May, to insure Federal
workers a three day weekend.  Traditional observance of Memorial Day has diminished over recent years.  Many Americans
especially the younger generation have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day.   Many of us can remember going
to hometown parades.  There we saw our Father and Grandfather tear with pride, remove their hat, and cross their heart as the
military marched by carrying the American Flag.  It was more than the picnic and ice cream; it was a chance to remember and
honor those who gave their lives during wartime.   In 2000 the VFW stated “Changing the date merely to create three-day
weekends has undermined the very meaning of the day.  No doubt, this has contributed greatly to the general public’s
nonchalant observance of Memorial Day.”  To reverse this belief, several bills have been introduced in the Senate and House to
return May 30th as the official Day no matter what day of the week.  As of this year, no action has been taken on any of the
proposed bills.

Miata Day
Is celebrated any day you want to.  It is a good excuse to drive your Miata; most preferable with the top down, wind in your face
and sunshine.  The destination isn’t as important as the excitement of driving.  Fun and enjoyment are increased if you are
together with a group of Miata enthusiasts.  If you are lucky, SAMOA will have an event on the schedule.  Look at the variety of
events on the calendar and pick one to enjoy.  If there isn’t something there that appeals to you, consider putting together an
event to your favorite place.  Others are sure to follow you.

Club Autocross Championship
Saturday, June 2, 2007
By Jack Parker

The club will sponsor and participate in the Shriner's Charity Autocross, to be held in conjunction with the Shriner's Concours
D'Elegance held annually at Mather Field.  All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Shriner's Children's Hospital.  There
is a facility in Sacramento so you are helping a very worthy cause which results in making our medical care in this community even
better.  A SAMOA club champion will be crowned from the field of club members who participate in the autocross, also to be held
at Mather Field.

It's been kind of a goal to have a club championship in autocross. So now that I am an officer it kind of seems like the right time
to start such an event.  And since it is being held right in our backyard, access is easy.  So mark the calendars  for June 2nd,
Saturday. The combined efforts of The USAF Thunderbirds and The Shriners have necessitated a move from the original date of
June 9. It seems putting that many people in a room together to plan an event just makes for more mistakes.

We will run in the either the Street Tire Class, CSP or C Stock, as some of us have race tires.  Street Tire starts at 1:00 for those
with a typical conventional street touring setup.  CSP and C Stock(those with race rubber, Clay and Russ) classes start at about
10:30 which means you need to be at Mather around 8 for registration, worker signup and tech.  The competition commissioner,
me, will be on sight to help any and all who show up for morning runs.  Look for the blue topped E Z up cannopy.  I will help with
car setup and teching problems that may occur.  All results are final.  Any and all protests should be accompanied by a check for
$1000 made out to the Jack Parker Make My Car Go Faster Fund.  Entry fee for the event for SCCA members is $25 and for non
members is $35.  All of the entry fees go to the Shriners directly.  There will also be a raffle for some unbelievable prizes..A set of
tires were a prize the last two years along with tools and many other car related items.  Street Tire shows up at about 10:30 for
reg and tech.  The special rules to make all members competitive are posted below. Every modification to your little car has a
point value.  Look at the list.  Add up your points that correspond to your set of mods and that total determines what class you
are in.  No special equipment is needed as helmets can be loaned or borrowed. There will be trophies in three classes, I II and III,
and an overall champ will be crowned. There are 2 more events to practice in Stockton if you so choose. The event is open to all
SAMOA members active as of June 1st.  Mark the calendars for June 2, and see you there.

Please let me know if you are coming so appropriate arrangements for trophies may be made.  For more information contact Jack
Parker at (916) 698-2006 or at

Breakfast at Kirkwood
Sunday, June 10, 2007
By Jack Parker

No, this is not a Henry Mancini theme song for a new movie.  We will be meeting at old MarShaTe's coffee shop in Rancho
Murieta at 8:00 AM for an 8:30 AM departure to beautiful, very rustic and extremely historic Kirkwood Inn.  Horseshoe Thompson
used to stop at this location when delivering mail.  The breakfast menu is really good and a fun place to see.  To get to
MarShaTe's take Highway 50 east out of Sacramento.  Take the Sunrise exit and turn right (south) on Sunrise to Highway 16
(Jackson Highway).  Turn left onto Jackson Highway and follow it to Rancho Murieta.   At Rancho turn right and about one
hundred yards on the right is the coffee shop.  Come early to talk cars as an impromptu car show often breaks out on the
weekends at the shop.  A drivers' meeting and instruction distribution will take place at 8:15 AM.  I know that is a bit early but
getting to the Inn before 11:00 AM is a must for breakfast seating.  Without traffic this is about an hour and a half trip and will be
a fast guys in front and a more controlled pace in the rear type of event.  The scenery is beautiful and the vistas are marvelous.
This is a great drive as we will be taking great roads up through Sutter Creek, Volcano, Rams Head Grade and  Shake Ridge Road.  
The snow has melted and there is no ice on the road.  The scenery on Highway 88 is incredible and a discussion concerning the
trip back will take place at Kirkwood.  Mormon Immigrant Trail if open, Omo Ranch Road and of course Hope Valley and home on
Highway 50 for the adverturesome is always an alternative.  For the more conservative the rideback down into Jackson on
Highway 88 is the quickest.  Please RSVP to Jack Parker at culdad@svics.com by June 3rd. so the Inn will know how many to
expect.  The address for MarShaTe's is 7238 Murieta Drive in Rancho Murieta.  We hope to see a lotta Miatas on this sierra run.  
We do get to just above 8,000 feet so bring something warm for this mandatory top down run.
May 2007