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Wishing You and Your Families a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year
By Robin George

We had a very interesting 2006.  We ran the gamut from traditional car stuff, scenic runs to throwing Frisbees and exercising our
Olympic prowess.  Membership has increased (see membership article) and our general meetings have a tendency to get out of
hand (in a good way).  We haven’t thrown food yet, because we like to eat, but we sure laugh a lot.

I’m looking forward to what the New Year may bring.  With your help it will be even more exciting.  Check the events calendar
often for upcoming actions you are interested in and join us.

We have a new exciting Web Page plus a different Newsletter format to start the New Year.  Our kudos to Ron Petrich for his hard
work.  I know how much some of you like change, but we won’t know what works unless we implement these changes and
though your input just what we need to do to make this YOUR club. Silence is tacit approval.

We have two new Board members.  Jeanne George, Treasurer, and Mario Lavoie, Events Coordinator.  Give them your support and
ideas.  But try to remember we are all volunteers that have the same goals as you do.  I.E., to enjoy and exercise the best
affordable sports car around.

I myself have several goals this year: 1. Learn everyone’s name.  2. Have more fun.  3. Increase our community involvement.  4.
Have more fun.  5. Help you enjoy your sports car.  6. More participation.

If you have any thoughts or ideas you like to introduce to start the New Year with, let a Board member know.  We have our first
Board meeting of the New Year coming up and we will set up our general directions for 2007.

Keep the top down, the wind in your hair, and the sun in your face.-Sue Hinkle

Happy New Year SAMOANs
By Mike DeLaurentis

Happy New Year from your favorite VP.  Well, maybe not YOUR favorite but I’m it for now.  I have some event ideas for this
coming year and hopefully you do as well.  If you need help getting started, want to collaborate on an idea or have an event
related question our new Events guy, Mario Lavoie would be happy to help.  Getting together on events is what makes the club
fun so do your part and plan an event in 07.

We closed out 2006 with elections at the December meeting.  Your Board of Officers remains pretty much intact with only two
changes:  Jeanne George takes over from Bob Carlson as Treasurer.  Bob termed-out after two years in that position and is taking a
little time off to sharpen his accounting pencil and pursue some of his many other interests.  Thanks Bob for two years of loyal
service to the club.  Jeanne handled the SAMOA books in years past so we have every confidence that our funds will be
safeguarded and reports will be accurate.  Thanks for stepping-up Jeanne.

Ron Petrich is turning over Events Coordinator to Mario Lavoie.  Mario and his wife Cece have been club members for several years
and have participated in many activities already.  In fact it was Mario’s wicked slap shot that broke Bob Carlson’s toe at last year’s
Faux Winter Olympics.  (Bob – I’m starting to plan the 2009 Faux Summer Olympics so if you want to get back at Mario join the
committee.)  Mario and Cece have also run events for their motorcycle club so they are seasoned leaders.  Ron – you did a great
job of getting our events in the paper and to all of the membership as well as leading some great events yourself.  Thanks for an
“event full” year.

Ron Petrich will expand the role of Media Director combining editing and producing the newsletter AND taking over as the new
Webmaster after Hugo Schmidt decided to end his successful 16 year-long run as Webmaster.  Thanks to Hugo for responsive
service and yeoman’s work over the past years.  Ron has developed a new and improved website which is straight forward and
easily navigable.    

While all of the board positions have been filled we can always use interested members to take on special assignments.  For example
we would like to have someone take over from Rod Gonzales in his role as Dealer Liaison.  This job amounts to keeping in touch
with local Mazda dealers ensuring they know that we exist and developing a relationship that may be mutually beneficial.  (Getting
them to donate a few nice raffle prizes from time to time wouldn’t be bad idea either.)  Other special needs arise over time so if
you want to contribute more to the club, please speak up.

Treasure Trove News
By Jeanne George

Treasure trove defined in the Random House Dictionary is (1) treasure of unknown ownership found hidden or buried or (2) a
valuable discovery.  You take your pick.  

Memberships expiring on January 1:
Jim Burgess
Mike & Helen DeLaurentis
Dennis & Barbara Dettloff
Skip Noyes
Joe & Carol Rainbolt
Mike & Marlaina Wilson
Wes & Paula Zicker

December’s new memberships:
Bill Fall & Elanora Drake
William Just
Bonnie & Dave Lutz
Russell Smith
Jarrett Tamaye

December's renewed memberships:
Mario & Cece Lavoie
Doug Lockhart
Dennis & Mary Swaney

Membership Committee News
By Jeanne George

The 2006 Board of Officers set a goal to increase membership.  This was done in several ways.  Rod Gonzales was the liaison
between the Miata Dealerships and SAMOA attempting to reach out to new car purchasers.  This was a successful promotion and
13 new memberships were provided one year free membership.  In addition, 20 new memberships joined the club.  Hopefully, with
these new people we will get many new event ideas.  

Ron Petrich was constantly in contact with the Sacramento Bee to ensure upcoming events were promoted in the Friday editions
of the newspaper.  Ron also worked with the webmaster and slowly took on more and more responsibility for uploading information
to the website.  Eventually Ron created a new website for SAMOA.  Mike DeLaurentis and Fran Rowell were promoting the “Miata
tags” to be place on non club Miatas.  Several members did tag Miatas during the year and that brought in new people.  I was in
charge of an email campaign to encourage former members to rejoin; this also was successful. With former returning members,
some long favored run events came back on the calendar.  Jack Parker was always looking for potential members while at autocross
events.  Robin maintained the mother-hen approach to keep us all going forward.

On December 31, 2005 SAMOA had 67 memberships with 110 members.  Today December 26, 2006 we finish out the year with
90 memberships with 144 members.  It has been a great year and we hope to continue the efforts into 2007.  

Events of 2006: How Many Did You Attend?
By Jeanne George

This year SAMOA members offered a wide variety of events for the benefit of its membership and guests.  These individuals were
recognized for their efforts at the December meeting by President Robin George.  During the year, following their event, the
following leaders were given a magnetic SAMOA emblem decal for their efforts.

Correia, Denise:  Chairperson Scrabble Scramble, Calaveras Big Trees, and Mt. Aukum winery.
DeLaurentis, Mike/Helen:  Winter Olympics, Coolest Sounding Miata, Frisbee/Disc Golf Tournament, and Birthday Party set-up at
Windwalker Winery.
Dettloff, Dennis & Barbara:  Run Around the Hills with Baddtaz and the Baddtaz BBQ Run.        
George, Robin/Jeanne:  President’s Run, Feeling Lucky Run, and Birthday Party set-up at Windwalker Winery.
Gingrich, Ralph & Joanne:  Ft. Bragg organizer and the December         Holiday dinner party.
Gonzalez, Rod:  Shriners Hospital Concours d”Elegance Event, Bear Republic Brewery, and co-leader of the Birthday Party Run to
Windwalker Winery.
Howe, Sharon:  March run & Stewarts Point.
Kilty, Jeff:  Gold Rush Run
Kinsey, Graeme:  Stewarts Point run & pre-run
Lavoie, Mario & Cece:  North Yuba Food & Wine Run
Noyes, Skip:  Shriners Event participant, Scrabble Scramble route designer, and The Last Run of the Year event.         
Parker, Jack:  Children's Receiving Home Toy Run, 6th year Jack led this event.
Petrich, Ron:  Got Guts At Thunderhill which raised over $10,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, Super Bowl Run,
Lake Berryessa Run, Matanzas Creek Winery Run, co-leader for the Birthday Party Run to Windwalker Winery, and the Holiday Lights
Rowell, Fran/Tom:  July 4th Founder’s Parade, Birthday Party set-up at Windwalker Winery, Ft. Bragg , and 5th annual chili cookoff
Weis, Vince & Kathi Bell:  Ft. Bragg route designer

In 2007 these people and any other individuals organizing an event will be presented with the SAMOA emblem decal.  After all you
do have two sides to your Miata.  Now is the time to start thinking about an event to earn your self one.  Contact new Events
Coordinator, Mario Lavoie to get your event on the calendar.

From The Webmaster…
By Ron Petrich

Our new SAMOA website, located at http://www.sacramentoareamiata.org, has been live for just over two weeks now, and has
already received nearly 700 visits.  Thanks for the support and the vote of confidence at our December meeting.  I do realize that I
have some very big shoes to fill now that Hugo Schmidt has retired, and I hope that our new site can and will continue to measure
up to your expectations and needs.

When building the site I tried my best to incorporate all of the best features of the original webpage, while adding some new and
improved elements and giving it a fresh look.  I hope I’ve succeeded.  One of the major upgrades has been to the Forum section.  
Yahoo, our site host, provides the Forum software free of charge as part of their hosting package.  We currently only have 20
registered users, but I’m sure that as more and more folks get word of its existence that number will increase.  Signing up is really
very simple.  Just log onto http://sacramentoareamiata.org/phpbb/index.php and click on the register link at the top of the page.  
In no time you will be able to post and fully utilize the features of the Forum.

For members interested in planning an event in 2007, the site has a host of tools at your disposal.  To schedule a new event, just
complete the interactive form at http://www.sacramentoareamiata.org/approval_form.html.  Click the send button at the bottom
of the form, and your information will be immediately sent to both your Webmaster and Mario Lavoie, our Events Coordinator for
the new year.

Most of you do not yet know that I am no longer a Miata owner.  Yes, I sold my 99 the week before Christmas and bought a new
2007 Honda S2000 (gasp).  I won’t go into the myriad of reasons that shaped my decision, however I want to assure you all that I
will continue to maintain my membership in SAMOA and participate in club activities…probably from the sweep position.  And I plan
to continue to maintain the website as long as I am asked.  And this spring I do plan on looking for an NA Miata to build into a
dedicated track car.

In the meantime, please contact me or any member of the BOO with your thoughts, suggestions or other ideas for improving the
Club’s new website.

The Little Car
By Mario Lavoie

Well this is my first  article as Events Coordinator and I really don’t start until the New Year, so I am writing about our little car that
made a big change in our lives.

It all started on October 30 on a Saturday afternoon drive in our SUV we drove by the little car sitting in a car lot looking all sad ,
we look at each other and said lets go look at it.  We made that turn and walk up to it with its top down begging us to take for a
spin.  I drove it for one block and Cece was all excited so I said do you want to drive it? the words never finish coming out of my
mouth she was driving it I knew by her looks that car was coming home with us our first Montego Blue Miata.  That night we
started looking for a Miata club and found the Sacramento Miata club and We look at events and we call Fran and made to our first
Chili Cook off and like the say the rest is History.

This little car as brought us new friends and some really nice adventures and the most scenic’s drives thru California. This little car as
lots of brothers and sisters all different colors and age. And every people that drive this little car are so friendly and go out of there
way to help you and explain everything you don’t know about your little car.

We are now starting our second year with club and at every meeting we meet new friends and make stronger bonds with other
members. So if you are thinking about getting a little car is ready to have a great time driving it and START making great memories.  
So if you have any great ideas for a event or a nice ride please contact me and lets start making new friends and memories.

Happy New Years from Mario and Cece

Ice Carpades
By Jack Parker

Let's face it.  Damn it's cold in the morning.  This month's short nag is to remind you of the importance of a few little things to
make life in the great Sacramento frozen tundra a little more enjoyable.

Ice.  No, this place is not Minnesota or South Dakota.  But most of the days before Christmas have been really cold in the morning.  
For those of you non-retired or those actually commuting somewhere, ice and roads are not a great combination.  I was talking to
someone a couple of days ago and they mentioned that going into the house and running the water long enough to get it hot
enough to melt the frost on the windshield was a real pain.  Yikes.  Don't do that.  Like cracked windshields?  If you must use that
at least make it regular tap water.  Your windshield will crack under the stress of expansion and contraction with really hot water.  
Buy a plastic scraper or something else non-metallic.  Metal will scratch that windshield.

Make sure your washer bottle is full.  Nothing like having some puddle unexpectedly jump and and blind your vision.  Don't wait to
change those wipers.  Exactfits, a popular wiper replacement blade, run about eight dollars per eighteen inch blade and are well
worth replacing them BEFORE the next Christmas light tour.  Yes that was me at the AutoZone near Ron's house just as it started
to rain.

Check your coolant level.  The bottle should be filled to the top mark when cold.  Prestone makes a premixed solution that's easy
to pour and available everywhere.

There was a question about EMT rubber at the last meeting.  Run Flats suck.  But after reading an article in a national magazine this
week it is clear that they are here to stay.  Why, you ask?  Not because they are some miracle safety device.  THEY SAVE THE CAR
MAKERS MONEY.  No spare tire means less money spent on parts and less weight in the car.  Who cares if they are noisy, mostly
lousy handling, expensive and don't stick very well.  By the way the usual EMT (Extended Mobility Tire) is good for about fifty miles
at fifty five miles per hour without severe damage under normal driving conditions.  You can get up to one hundred miles but don't
count on reusing the tire.  I carry a can of aerosol tire inflater and fixer with me most places.  I also repair my own flats.  Autozone
or Kragen carry a nifty little tire repair kit for about ten dollars.

RMP Gets a Green Light
By Corinne Reilly and Leslie Albrecht
Merced Sun Star
December 14, 2006

Riverside Motorsports Park moved from plan to reality early Wednesday morning when the Merced County Board of Supervisors
approved the raceway complex in a series of votes that spanned eight and half hours.  With Supervisors Deidre Kelsey and John
Pedrozo dissenting on two key votes, plans for the 1,200-acre racing venue earned just enough support to move forward.  The
board's 2:30 a.m. decision followed hours of emotional public testimony from raceway supporters and opponents, and nearly four
years of countywide debate over a project that many say will set the course for the county's development for decades to come.
More than 300 people filled the board chambers and nearby overflow rooms at the meeting's 6 p.m. start. When the final vote was
cast just before 2:30 a.m. the crowd had thinned to a weary three dozen.

While racetrack supporters hailed the decision as an economic boon for the county, opponents called the project's approval an
assault on both the environment and local agriculture.  "By approving this project ... you are pushing development to my doorway,"
said Karen Crane, whose family runs a farm near the raceway's proposed site. "Our land will never be the same, and that rests in
your hands."  Propopents pointed to the raceway's economic benefits, which are projected to include hundreds of jobs and $180
million in annual business.  "The bottom line in Meced County is we need jobs," said Carl Pollard, a Merced City Councilman who
spoke in support of the raceway. "We have too many people on welfare...We have to diversify our economy. We have to change
with the times."  After the final approval, raceway CEO John Condren tallied the many benefits he says his racing venue will bring to
the county.

"I'm very pleased with the way things went," said Condren. "It means a diversified job base, it means increased tourism and
revenue, it means entertainment and recreation." Of the supervisors, Kelsey voiced the strongest opposition to the raceway -- at
one point reading a 35-minute statement condemning the project as a disaster for taxpayers and an attack on farmers and ranchers
near the raceway's future northern Merced County site.  Kelsey slammed environmental reviews of the project as inadequate and
rushed, urging the board to delay its vote until more studies on the project's impacts could be completed.  She said approving of
the project would damage the public trust and disgrace the supervisors.  "As this project sits in front of me today, it's terrible," said
Kelsey. "...The credibility of our board is on the line with this." Pedrozo cast the only other votes against the project.  "I know what
it is to be a farmer and I know what it is to have cars coming down your country roads," said Pedrozo. "I can't support the
(environmental impact report), not until I am totally confident that all the people that live out there are taken care of."

The board voted on six motions that collectively allowed the project to move forward. By the end of the meeting, the board had
voted to approve the project's environmental reviews, to allow traffic and noise from the raceway to exceed current county
standards, and to overrule a finding by the Airport Land Use Commission that the racetrack's site is too close to Castle Airport's
runway.  Condren first proposed the project in 2003. Since then, the raceway's location has been the subject of much of the
debate.  Condren and raceway backers say the project's future site makes perfect sense -- a stone's throw away from an airport
and within 100 miles of 10 million potential race fans.

Those opposed to the raceway say its valley location means the air pollution it generates will remain trapped in the area. They say a
more remote location would make noise and traffic from the raceway less burdensome.  Environmental reviews have confirmed the
raceway will contribute considerably to air quality problems the county already faces.  More recently, the controversy has centered
around a plan to manage traffic to the site which proposes to route the majority of out-of-town traffic from Highway 99 through a
rural neighborhood just west of the track.  The $250 million raceway complex is planned to contain eight different racing venues, a
shopping mall, restaurants, an arcade and a lake. In addition to professional racing events, the park will host amateur racing, drag
racing, motocross and go-kart racing, concerts, car shows and festivals. It is not planned to host NASCAR events.  While typical
Saturdays and Sundays are estimated to bring 5,000 to 15,000 visitors to the raceway, big-name events held one weekend a
month could draw daily crowds between 20,000 and 50,000. The Merced County Planning Commission voted in favor of the
project's approval in October.

Rant Of the Month
By Jack Parker

The following piece is the opinion of the author and in no way reflects the ideas or beliefs of the BOOd as a whole or any of its
members.  Now for this month's rant…

Now that the disclaimer is taken care of, the reason I am writing is to encourage our members to take charge of the club.  Why did
we join this club?  For me it was the car and the activities surrounding its use.  For others it might be the companionship of its
members.  For some it may be the social aspect.  For some it may be the competitiveness.  And for still others it could be the desire
to learn more about their little beast.  Whatever the reason it is quite clear that activities are the cornerstone of the club.  After all,
without some kind of event/activity those reasons we join go away without fulfillment.

We have a whole new season ahead of us.  Last year, as I looked through the event calendar it was pretty clear that if certain
people didn't hold an event there was not going to be an event that month.  Probably half the events on the calendar were
sponsored by other clubs.  We need participation and coordinators to run events.  The more events we have the more fun the
club is going to be.  The more fun it is the more members we will continue to attract.  This coming year could be exciting with the
right amount of diverse activities.

Over the course of my professional life, booster clubs, parent/teacher organizations, student clubs and educational associations were
the norm.  Lots of them took up a great deal of my time.  In almost all of them one aspect became clear.  There were leaders and
followers.  The leaders consisted of probably five to ten percent of the club and the rest enjoyed the fruits.  Of those leaders it
was often the last time they attended a meeting after their term expired.  It does not have to be that way.  For our club to remain
an exciting and attractive activity in which members freely participate more of the membership has to become involved.

When I first joined it was often standing room only at meetings.  The rooms were bigger.  Anyone remember the Sudwerks.  
Participation is important so let's dust off those creative thinking caps and come up with events that make the club fun.  More fun
means bigger meetings.  For those of you who just like to participate without planning dust off those participation caps and make it
a goal to come out to at least the major events like the Shriners in June.  How about setting a record attendance for the Scrabble
Sramble?  Get out and compete in June at the first ever Club Autocross Championship.  Buy a roll bar and join in on Got Guts.  How
about setting a record for teddy bears in November?  How about creating a new and exciting event we have never done before?  
Got a place you love and would like to share it?  How about combining it with your favorite restaurant?  The only bad idea is an idea
that remains undeveloped and untried.

SAMOA Webmaster Retires
By Jeanne George

SAMOA’s hardworking behind the scenes webmaster Hugo Schmidt has decided that after over 10 years of hosting the site, he was
going into retirement.   Hugo was the webmaster in 1997 when Robin and I joined the club.  The website saw many changes
under Hugo’s direction as officers asked for changes and club demands increased.

Hugo’s Miata life, personal life and career took many different paths.  Hugo no longer had a Miata and yet he continued to provide
services to the club on a volunteer basis.  Hugo has a young son that now needs Dad’s attention more with the multitude of
activities he is involved in.  As a result Hugo requested that a replacement be found to allow him the time he needed.  

Hugo entered his samoa.org website into a California State Fair competition for web builders.  Hugo took first prize in design.  Hugo
later was able to use the “award” for future references in his career; which resulted in a change of jobs.

In order to thank Hugo for his services, the 2006 Officers voted to give an acknowledgement to Hugo.  At the December Annual
Business Meeting Hugo was presented with a gift certificate for Scott’s Seafood Restaurant.  We all wish Hugo well in his new
endeavors and again, thank you for his many years of service to SAMOA.

Things You Just Have To Do!
By Jack Parker

After reading an article in the January Road and Track titled "Welcome to the Road and Track 50"  If you have fantasies of driving
here or there to do this or that which seem impractical or have those "sure wish I could have enough time or nerve to do this or
that" then this article is for you.  The people of Road and Track put together fifty of their favorite wants and opinions that will sure
enforce your thoughts of wanting to do a car thing.

Number 2 is really a practical thing.  Enroll in a driving school.  Great idea to enjoy your car at a higher level. Number 3 is dust off
your collection of Hot Wheels.  Face it now, you are still a little kid at heart. Number 5, go the Monterey Weekend and make a
week out of it.  Where else are you going to see vintage racing, million Ferraris and every sort of antique auto imagineable.  You
could even buy one at auction. Number 8 is drive a Miata.  Nuff said. Number 13, go to the Indy Grand Prix. Number 21 is easy.  
Get that car on a track. Number 24 is drive a stick shift.  Paddles suck. Number 30 is GO TO AN AUTOCROSS!  SHEESH!  Where
have you heard that before. Number 32 is watch the movie Grand Prix.  Easy to do. Number 34 is take a really good road tour.  
How many times have you wanted to take a road trip for the sake of a road trip experience and never gone. Number 46 is my
favorite.  Get befuddled on a time and distance rally.  To a couple of us that has already happened recently.

These are some of my favorites.  In all, of the fifty, I have already done 31 and am planning on doing some of them over because
they were so much fun.  These are the opinions of the editors of Road and Track and by no means reflect reality, if there is such a
thing when it comes to opinions about cars.  Point is, we own some of the best cars in the world that hold great adventures in
store just by turning over the starter.  See how many you can tally in the future by enjoying these autos.

The History and Art of Turbocharging
By Adi Damania

All of us would want to get the maximum power out of our little (yes, little compared to the 2007 model of 6 liter twin-turbo
Bentley) 1.6, or 1.8, or 2.0 liter DOHC Miata engines. After juggling with the timing, fitting a KN air filter, and maybe a tuned
exhaust system what else is left? Try turbocharging (if you do not own a MazdaSpeed already).

The use of the latent energy still available of an internal combustion engine (ICE) to drive a supercharger for more power is not a
novel idea. In fact, the earliest application was carried out by one Jesse G. Vincent (1880-1962) of Arkansas on a Liberty aero
engine as far back as 1928 (Vincent, incidentally, was also the first to design a working V-12 engine (sometimes also called the
double-six) and not Ferrari! He served the now defunct Packard Motor Co. for several years and was also behind the famous straight-
8 engines fitted on most Packards in the 50s and 60s. In fact, he was the driver, with an attractive blonde in the passenger seat, of
a Packard V-12 that acted as the pace car for the 1919 Indy 500 race. The 4.5 liter turbocharged Bentleys (aka “blower Bentleys”),
that dominated the Le Mans races for a period, did not come out till the early 1930s. Vincent, to his great credit, also served in the
Great War (1914-1918) and rose to the rank of a Colonel. Awarded 206 patents, Vincent was instrumental in the development of
spiral bevel drive, higher production four-wheel brake system, and car air-conditioning!

The production application of turbocharging to GM cars between 1956 and 1961 stemmed from an earlier work by the Garrett
Corp. of Los Angeles (now part of the Honeywell Inc.) who have been making automotive and diesel locomotive turbochargers
since 1946.

The basic principle of a turbocharger is simple. The exhaust gases after combustion pass by way of the manifold to a turbine wheel.
Gas flow is tangential at first from a scroll chamber, which may or may not have guide vanes. The gases strike the vanes of the
turbine wheel and then flow inwards to the exit –pipe. The expansion of the hot gases from the relatively high pressure of the
scroll chamber to the near-atmospheric pressure of the exit pipe provides the power to rotate the centrifugal compressor
(Kompressor, if you have a Merc) that is mounted at the opposite end of the turbine shaft. The turbocharger is controlled by the
throttle, by the by-pass of exhaust gas, by by-pass of the compressor delivery, or by a combination of both. In the late 50s and
early 60s, turbochargers were offered by GM on the Corvair (unsafe at any speed) Monza Spyder and the Oldsmobile Jetfire, both
collectors’ cars today.

When used on a sportscar engine, a turbocharger used to have a serious drawback. When a driver of a sportscars floors the gas
pedal he expects instant response. Unfortunately, in the past, the boost pressure of a turbocharger took time to build up and
power would not coming surging out till after 3-4 seconds. This is called “turbo lag”, and on the Corvair Monza Spyder the lag was
so bad that in acceleration run comparisons the turbo Spyder model had hardly any advantage over the non-turbo Corvair Monza
coupe. However, this can be remedied to a great extent as has been done in modern cars like the Mazdaspeed Miata, by
developing a moderate boost at around 2000 r.p.m. and by reduction in the rotating mass of the turbine wheel and the impellor.
This way the turbo lag is almost un-noticeable and the driver gets a feeling of instant euphoria as the little car whizzes past all the
SUVs and vans on the road. So, zoom, zoom, my fellow Miata enthusiasts! My next Miata will be a Mazdaspeed!!

Sad News
By Fran Rowell

Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community.  The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast
infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71.  Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin.
Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker,
the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The grave site was piled high with flours.  Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly
described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later
life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes.
Despite being a little flaky at times he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions.
Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Dough and Jane Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also
survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart.  The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.  If this made you smile for even a brief
second, please rise to the occasion and take time to pass it on and share that smile with someone else who may be having a
crumby day and kneads it.

No Excuses To Not Do A Run Event
By Jack Parker

If you hold an event in the forest and no one participates does anyone care.  It's time for all of us to become bi-event participants.  
How about that for a made up word.  By bi-event I am referring to participant and planner.  The club survives on new and fresh
thoughts.  Several of us put on events without much effort because we have put on so many.  From the creative and somewhat
twisted minds of our long time members come events like the Scrabble Scramble,  The Timex and Distance Rally, The Fort Bragg
Weekend, The Picnic, The Holiday(Christmas) Party, The Coolest Sounding Miata, The Hangover Run, The Frisbee Golf Tournament
and the ever popular impromptu runs to Napa and the Kirkwood Inn.  It's time for the masses to exercise their Miata Club
constitutional rights and become involved.

On March 10, 2007, at 10:00 at an as of yet undisclosed secret location only known to everyone, eventually, I will be running a run
called "The Running a Run Event Planning Run".  Run on sentence?  No, this is not a flu season special, I know that was gross.  We
will meet and I will help you plan and implement an event.  From planning on a place to go to a place to start to choosing a place to
eat to choosing great roads.  Everything you ever wanted to know about running a run but were totally afraid to ask or did not
care to begin with.  WELL IT'S TIME TO CARE!!

We (read I) encourage you to attend in order to bring new and fresh ideas to the event planning process.  You will be provided
with the information and maps to plan an event, pre run and eventually make the decisions to have fun damn it.  Pardon the
enthusiasm.  It's a fun process and a chance to get in the cars early in the spring and enjoy.  More than half the fun of doing an
event is the discovery of new Miata roads.

So plan on March 10 being a life (at least a Miata life) changing experience.  If you were apprehensive but  have an idea or six come
and share your thoughts and become educated in the art of event planning and make the club a better place.
January 2007