The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - Volume 31 - Number 1
Board of Officers

Martin Boersma


Michele Nanjo

Clay Cowan

Jack Parker
Events Coordinator

Ron Petrich

Ron Petrich
Newsletter Editor
January 1, 2021
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Upcoming Schedule Of Events
January 14, 2021
January Club Meeting
February 7, 2021
Super Bowl Sunday Run
Ron Petrich
February 13, 2021
February Club Meeting
March 11, 2021
March Club Meeting
Our monthly meetings take place at the  Black Bear Diner, located at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA 95833 (916) 641-2327. This
location is in South Natomas near I80 and West El Camino Avenue. Our meetings start officially at 7:00 PM, but please come an hour earlier
and join us for an informal dinner or other refreshments. You will have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow Miata enthusiasts, learn about
the upcoming calendar of events, find answers to technical questions, hear the latest club news, and speak to Miata vendors.

Event Categories
is a MILD, relaxed scenic drive, slow-paced, passenger friendly.
is INTERESTING, with intentional twisty roads. It involves a little quicker pace.
is a BLEND. This trip will allow the driver to exercise his/her driving skills within the driver's comfort and experience level.
is for TRAVELING a more lengthy distance to meet, socialize and drive.  It usually includes an overnight stay.
is ADVENTURESOME, involving a more spirited pace.
is SPORT.  This event includes open track days and autocross activities where driving skill is essential.
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New SAMOA Members In The Fourth Quarter
Message From The President...
Martin Boersma

We were not able to have our usual Christmas Party, but I hope you all had a good Christmas
with your local family and friends.  We also missed our annual SAMOA elections, which are
held in person at each December meeting.  Therefore, the existing Board has decided to
accept the nominations of the persons who have volunteered to run for office for 2021, and
appoint them to those positions, until SAMOA can have a regular in-person meeting and
properly elect (confirm) them. Thus, the appointed Officers for 2021 are...

• President - Martin Boersma
• Vice-President - vacant
• Secretary - Michele Nanjo
• Treasurer - Clay Cowan
• Events Coordinator - Jack Parker
• Webmaster - Ron Petrich
• Newsletter Editor - Ron Petrich

If you have any concerns with the above procedure, please email me at
com.  Now - let's wipe the dust off those shiny Miatas, and get some new runs going for 2021!  
Happy New Year!   

Welcome To Getting Back To Normal in 2021
Ron Petrich

There was absolutely nothing normal about 2020, but I'm betting that 2021 is a whole lot
better. The bar isn't that high I'll grant you, however we humanoids are a resilient bunch and
have endured much worse.  In terms of SAMOA club activities, I suspect the State and County
will continue to keep us on simmer for at least the next 4 weeks but, as they say, spring hopes
eternal - or maybe the other way around. I'll keep the Super Bowl Sunday run on the ballot until
we either can or cannot conduct a safe outing.  I'm also planning to add other driver-oriented
outings to the schedule. And I'm sure Jack Parker, our new EC has some ideas as well. But
that doesn't mean that each of you cannot exercise your Miata on your own.  All you need is a
tank of gas and an open twisty two lane.  And all of our favorite Miata vendors are open for
business, so perhaps this is a good time for that deferred or regular maintenance, or even
that new muffler or set of coilovers you have been drooling over.  The directory of Miata.net
sponsors on our website has recently been updated, so check them out  
here . Keep the
wheels firmly planted, see you on the roads in 2021!
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Miata Year/Color
Month Joined
Rebecca Baker
2020 White
Michael Balzer
2002 Yellow
John Deryck
1999 Blue
Michael Fitzgerald
1992 Red
Cory Higgs
Yuba City
2020 Blue
Jeff Kilty
1995 Red
Samantha Nau
2014 Silver
Taylor Scheinuk
1997 Blue
Dave Segal
1999 Black
Joshua Thompson
1996 Blue
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - January 2021 - Page 6
Modifications, So What's The Best?
Jack Parker

If you have read this article from me before, pardon the intrusion into your life.  There are some changes.  During the course of my twenty-one
years owning Miatas, I have learned that sometimes by accident and sometimes by actually reading about the different modifications available
to the general ownership population, that good things and sometimes not so good things happen to the Miata's performance.  Companies
know, and learned very quickly that these little toys are very easy to work on and modify.  Vehicle personaliztion has been around since the
invention of the wheel when some enterprising Neanderthal found out that by attaching something round to that thing he/she has been
dragging around it was easier to move.  By making the wheel bigger or smaller, lighter or heavier or wider or thinner, the said humanoid was
able to produce different, sometimes beneficial, sometimes not, effects to the handling characteristics of that pile of rocks being transported.

So the same thing can be true of us evolutionary advanced owners of the best, most affordable sports car on the planet.  First, let me explain
that this is not a criticism of any particular personal taste in modification of said vehicle.  Each to his own.  Since I have had nine of these bad
boys I have learned by trial and error.  Sometimes cheap error, sometimes expensive mistake.  Sometimes fantastic improvement in comfort
and performance.  If you have seen my various results you know what I am talking about.  Intake, exhaust, headers, suspension, seats,
gauges, cosmetic body add ons, wheels, even paint, tires and other sundry items have made there way onto the cars.  Or sometimes off the
cars in an effort to lighten the cars.  It is all worth the effort.  Again personal taste is just that, personal.  

I will be in the future talking about various mods you can do to your car.  Sometimes, erratically, I will be writing articles about mods you can do
to your little gem.  So stay tuned and you will share in my adventures in modifications.  Stay safe.  Wear a mask.  Take care of yourself and
others.  See you next month.

More Modification Yammering
Ron Petrich

I just read and reread Jack's article above, and find I have to agree with it 110%.  I have not been as prolific as Jack in Miata ownership, I've only
owned 3, but I have been on the modifications bandwagon as much as he has.  Jack supercharged his 99, I turboed mine. I have swapped
springs, shocks, coilovers, braces, and sway bars until blue in the face, searching for that perfect combination and that greatest drive of all time
to Napa and back... Or the lowest lap time...  Some mods worked, some didn't, but all were educational and fun, and NON life threatening.  
They say these cars hold a lot of money, and that is true if you count the cost of all of these aftermarket goodies.  But usually the process of
making mods is as much fun and as rewarding as the result.  And this statement can't be any truer than in this awful pandemic year.  I guess I
could theoretically infect myself or my Miata alone in my garage.  My neighbors know to stay a good 20 feet away when they look up my driveway
and see my car on jack stands, with someone vaguely resembling a mechanic wriggling under the car.  "Oh, Ron is at it again".

The following is a prime example of the hit/miss evolution of a modification, and why change, while fun, is not always cheap.  Back in V1 days
(that is V1 manual transmission to those learned of the fragility of this gearbox) I decided I wanted to get back into tracking in a big way.  Like
12+ track days per year.  So I installed a rollbar, coilovers, swaybars, braces, upgraded brakes, and bought an extra set of wider wheels and
some track rubber.  I had fun.  I had great fun.  Then I decided I wanted to go faster, so I sold my coilovers and spent twice the price on even
better (and stiffer) coilovers.  Then I went to Laguna Seca for the big Miata weekend in October 2019, where I was about to prove how great a
driver I was.  Until I blew my transmission on the third lap of the first session of the first day.  At least I could still brag that I WOULD have set
some new lap records lol...

Fast forward to 2020.  I have downsized to 16" rims and sticky rubber but with taller sidewalls to smooth out the ride (it actually works).  I have a
new V5 transmission compliments of Mazda, but probably still flawed.  And if this one breaks the cost is probably on me.  But being out of
warranty it is technically an aftermarket part, which obviously totally justifies the cost. Yeah right.  Anyway, I will pick and choose my trackdays
carefully, maybe 3 per year.  And I am thoroughly enjoying SR128/SR121 on weekends and holidays when no one else seems to be around.

I'm sure I am not the only SAMOA member who has [ahem] invested in his Miata.  We have a database on our website for Miataholics like you.  
And you are welcome to add your car and a list of modifications to that database to share the knowledge.  Just wander over to  
Database  and fill out the form linked at the top.
New Member Introduction
Trentyn Simon

Hi, my name is Trentyn Simon.  I've been a member of SAMOA fo almost a year now and am very much enjoying it. I was able to meet everyone
before all of this COVID-19 stuff started. I own a 1990 Mazda Miata (primer gray) with very minimal modification done.

As of 11/28/20 the engine (1.8L) has been taken out and extensively rebuilt  Currently undergoing a very thorough break-in period (1,000 miles).
My goal is to have a streetable track car. I have included a few pictures. Thanks.
New Member Introduction
Michael Fitzgerald

This is my 92 Miata. I got it as a garage find. The owner parked it in her garage in 2002 and lost the key. She never drove it again. It sat there for
17 yrs. I got it in October a year ago for $1,800.00. A new tank of gas- new tires- new battery and I drove it away. It has 82000 miles on it.

Season's Greetings
Robin & Jeanne George

Jeanne and I want to take some time in addressing SAMOA by sharing Holiday thoughts. As some of you may know we moved to Tennessee to
relax and enjoy life as it should be.  I can’t resist sending a message to my fellow members as I did over the many years.  But as with each
year November and December always seem to be a special time of the year. Given everything that 2020 has changed in our daily lives, we are
all looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our families and new friends.

This year as we celebrate the holidays with our family and friends, we are reminded to “celebrate responsibly” by avoiding large crowds as we
gather, by wearing face coverings especially when in the company of others, frequently washing our hands, and sanitizing high touch surfaces.
And please stay at home if you don’t feel well!

No doubt, this will give many of our traditional holiday activities a different feel, but the true spirit of the holidays will survive and as a result of
our current public health precautions, the holiday season may have even more significance this year.

The holidays are also a special time for reflection, when we take the time to give thanks for our good fortune and all the blessings we have
received. This year, as we reflect on 2020, we are reminded to give pause and remember the suffering and losses that so many have

This is also the special time of the year when our hearts are touched by the need to share our good fortunes with those who are less fortunate
and are in need. The urge we feel to share with others and to give back to our community is one of the very special blessings that come with
the holiday season. This year the needs of many are very real, so when you feel the urge to share and give back, please be generous.

Things tend to get pretty hectic this time of year and activities not only fill our daily lives, they often over fill our daily activities to the point that
some of us will feel overwhelmed. Taking a few minutes to make a call, or send a message to someone special, a distant family member, an
old friend, even a neighbor who is alone or separated from their loved ones during the holidays can do wonders for refocusing our own
priorities. Just letting them know that you are thinking of them and wanted to know how they are doing will make a huge difference to the
person you reach out to.

As we end one year, especially a year like 2020, and look forward to the beginning of a new year. We will have a sense that better days are
ahead and that the future will be brighter. We all share that optimism and look forward to what lies ahead in the upcoming years. We will face
continued challenges, and the road ahead may have a bump or two, but we remain cautiously optimistic that better times and brighter days are
ahead, after all we are Americans.

So on behalf of Jeanne and me, we wish every member of our SAMOA Community a very Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy and Healthy
New Year!
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - January 2021 - Page 7

Flyin Miata Slotted Front Brake Rotors for ND Miata.  $150.00.

ND slotted front high performance brake rotors.  These rotors are an OEM fit for
both Brembo and non-Brembo cars.  To make a long story
short, Amazon lost a set of slotted rotors so I ordered these from FM.  Then of course the Amazon order showed up. I installed those, then the
FM rotors arrived, and the cost to return these to FM was prohibitive, so they are for sale.  You can research these on the
Flyin Miata website.  
My cost delivered with tax was $184.00, so my price is a deal for new-in-box rotors.

Ron Petrich
(916) 601-5338
SAMOA is a 501(c)7 non-profit
corporation organized in the State of
California for the benefit of it's
membership. Annual dues are $24
per year.
Was It THE Car?
Norm Swanberg

A little background is needed for this.

Juan Manual Fangio was born in 1911, grew up in Argentina where he raced cars on mostly dirt roads from 18 until he was 37 years old.  The
races were long distance with one race 6,000 miles, broken into segments.  He raced in Europe in 1949 until 1958, with seven of those years
in Formula One.  He won 24 of 52 of those races, 46%.  During this time, he was Formula One champion five times.

The Nürburgring is a German race track, over nine miles long with many turns.  Fangio’s most famous Formula One race was at this track in
1957.  He started the race in a Maserati with half a tank of gas, planning a pit stop.  The other cars had full tanks and no pit stops.  He easily
gained a lead in the first half of the race, but not enough.  Two Ferraris passed him during the pit stop and got ahead by 45 seconds.  He drove
many laps faster than his qualifying time.  With a lap and a half to go he caught a glimpse of the two Ferraris.  At this point he really upped the
pace.  Spectators ran away from the track thinking he was about to crash.  The seat broke loose in the car from the centrifugal force but he kept
on pushing.  There was a hump in a straight that drivers would let off for.  He did not let off the gas, going airborne at 175 MPH.  His last lap
shattered the prior lap record in spite of the broken seat.  He caught and passed the Ferraris winning the race.

Virginia and I attended the Historic Races at Laguna Seca from 1989 to 1995.  We were able to go into the pits and see the cars and drivers.  I
spotted an old open wheel Maserati, with the owner present.  I asked him was this a factory Formula One car?  He said yes.  I asked what
years?  It included 1957.  I asked was it the car Fangio drove in that famous race?  He said Maserati had five Formula One cars at that time and
nobody wrote down the number of the car he drove.  I asked if there were scratches inside from the seat sliding around?  He said they would
have cleaned that up.

It could have been THE car.

New Member Introduction
Gary Coverdale & Janice Hacket
Click on each picture to view a larger image...
My 2020 ND is my third Miata.   Our first was a red 2005 and
then a 2015 White and Black Special Edition PRHT.  Both
outstanding cars!    Between the 2020 and the 2015 we had
both a 911 and a Boxster.   Sweet cars but always expecting
the ‘rubber band’ to break (though I did my own maintenance
and mods on them).   I’m a big fan of driving race karts, both
speedway and shifter karts.  Great fun but now I’m too old for
the track stress!  We enjoy NASCAR and IRL as well dirt track
racing up in Placerville where we live.    My son races Miatas
(having just purchased the Blackbird Fabworx #222
racecar).   We’ve been to the Miatas At Laguna Seca for the
past 5 years (at least but stopped counting).

We are both retired from the public sector, though I still
dabble in cyber security at the National level.   We spend a lot
of time in Benicia on our sailboat and enjoy RV traveling.  We
are excited about being members and participating in many
of SAMOA’s events.   We are a friendly and social couple and
really looking forward to this COVID-19 thing ending and
attending the meetings and activities!   Looking forward to
meeting each of you!!!
Click on each picture to view a larger image...
Click on the picture to view a larger image...
3707 Witt Road
Auburn, CA 95602
Konig Hypergram wheels and Nitto NT01 tires. Wheels are 17x8 +45 finished in matte gray and in perfect condition. Also clear ND Brembo
brakes. Tires are 235/40/17 with 700 total miles (2 track days plus freeway to/from). Also
perfect condition with plenty of tread. Price is $800
. No shipping. And if you pick up at my garage I'll also throw in a used set of 215/45/17 NT01s with 7-8 track days on them, but still showing
tread. Check the new prices on these and you find this an excellent deal.

Ron Petrich
(916) 601-5338