The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - Volume 30 - Number 2
Board of Officers

Martin Boersma

Frank Gontarski

Michele Nanjo

Diana Loo

Norm Swanberg
Events Coordinator

Ron Petrich

Ron Petrich
Newsletter Editor
April 1, 2020
SAMOA is a 501(c)7 non-profit
corporation organized in the State
of California for the benefit of it's
membership. Annual dues are $24
per year.
122 Henderson Way
Folsom, CA 95630
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - April 2020 - Page 2
July 3, 2020
SAMOA at the Fountains
Diana Loo
SAMOA 30th Anniversary Weekend
October 9-12, 2020
Ralph Gingrich Fort Bragg Weekend
Vince Weis
December 10, 2020
Christmas Party/Annual Meeting
Road Trip Challenge
Jack Parker
Our monthly meetings take place at the  Black Bear Diner, located at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA 95833 (916) 641-2327. This location
is in South Natomas near I80 and West El Camino Avenue. Our meetings start officially at 7:00 PM, but please come an hour earlier and join us for
an informal dinner or other refreshments. You will have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow Miata enthusiasts, learn about the upcoming
calendar of events, find answers to technical questions, hear the latest club news, and speak to Miata vendors.
is a MILD, relaxed scenic drive, slow-paced, passenger friendly.
is INTERESTING, with intentional twisty roads. It involves a little quicker pace.
is a BLEND. This trip will allow the driver to exercise his/her driving skills within the driver's comfort and experience level.
is for TRAVELING a more lengthy distance to meet, socialize and drive.  It usually includes an overnight stay.
is ADVENTURESOME, involving a more spirited pace.
is SPORT.  This event includes open track days and autocross activities where driving skill is essential.
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - April 2020 - Page 3
New SAMOA Members In The First Quarter...
From the Editor... [this article was written on 3/24/20]

So here we are, a sports car club with no place to go.  Last week 6 bay Area counties were
joined by Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Yolo, Placer and Sacramento counties (and I'm sure many
more) in issuing shelter-in-place orders to all of their residents.  These counties have made
violation of the order a misdemeanor punishable by fine or jail time (or both).  Yesterday the
Governor announced that the entire state was on lockdown. Essential trips, by car, bike or on
foot apparently do NOT include pleasure driving, even solo.  So no more driving your Miata
unless you are going to the doctor, bank, grocery store, your place of work, etc. No more drives
such as those near Lake Berryessa or the foothills under penalty of whatever.  Heck, I can't
even go to church. At a time when gasoline prices are approaching 5-year lows. I know what
apprehension I am feeling about all this today, I suspect in another week or 2 we will all be
fairly stressed by this new way of life.

So what can we do?  If you still have a job go to work. Walk, jog, hike, etc to get out of the
house.  Weed your yard, clean your house, wash and detail your car (s), call/text your loved
ones that you probably won't see for a few weeks or months, order Netflix/Amazon Video
(insert your streaming service of choice), plan to read a book (or 4 or more), prepare dine-in
gourmet meals, order take-out twice a week just to keep your local restauranteurs at least
minimally in business, look in on your elderly neighbors (or offer to grocery shop for them),
wash your hands (a lot), keep your children occupied with learning and creative activities (if we
are experiencing cabin fever think how it may be with them), allow your kids to Skype or some
such with their friends.

From a Miata perspective, mail order (and even auto parts stores) are still doing business, so
perhaps this is the time to install those coilovers or other upgrades.

The silver lining in all of this is that it WILL pass eventually. I firmly believe that. In the
meantime, send me articles, thoughts, etc. about anything you car to share and I will set up a
continuous bulletin board on our website.

I also want to thank the 3 contributors to this issue... Jack Parker, Diana Loo and Norm
Swanberg. I had hoped for more, given the free time most of us have, but it is what it is.
Tips Hints Trials and Tribulations
Jack Parker

It all started with good intentions. I will be taking pictures of places on the Road Trip Challenge. Sure. Intentions are usually
carried out well for a retired guy trying to avoid human contact and staying away from COVID 19 interaction. But as you,
and I, would expect, plans are not always carried out successfully. The are always unexpected trials and tribulations.

First, here is a tip for those participating in this event. Tip number 1. Take a photographer. Taking pictures of oneself is a
challenge anyway but with traffic sometimes whizzing by and places to park and line up shots alone is somewhat
challenging at best and dangerous and as I will relate, sometimes unlawful.

The airport was not a challenge as I live next to one. The city sign for said airport is located in a very quiet area as well.
Events became more complicated on my third stop at Mule Creek Prison. I stopped in front and traffic was not a problem.
Lined up the shot when traffic was not present and taking a selfie in the wind is a bit of a challenge. The logo sheet kept
blowing around and the prison sign was a ways away making the staging a bit difficult. All was completed and items
returned when I started my car just as Barney Fife and his bullet pulled up behind me with lights on…No siren. He politely
asked for my license and questioned my intentions. He lectured me on not stopping at a prison and taking pictures as drug
smugglers are very prominent trying to make their clandestine way into the prison and casing the joint was a problem. I
agreed and mentioned that my son, a Sac Deputy reminded me of that. He became more friendly and I joked my way out of
spending the night in Ione.

Tip number 2. Use a smaller version of the logo. It wont blow around in the wind as much. Tip number 3 which was an
apparent revelation for participants so far checking in. A part of your car is all I need to see. Don’t try to get the whole car in
the shot. The same goes for you. A head shot. Half your face. Whatever, but dont try to do a complete picture of you or
your car. The rules interpretation is very liberally applied by the competition committee (me). Just give me an idea that you,
your car and the logo sheet were in attendance.

Finally it has been determined that the prize will be a couple nights stay at a selected Hilton property somewhere in
California during off peak times. A list will be provided when I get around to it.

So travel on and travel safe. Keep your speed down to 5 over. I have it on good authority that speed is not an offense, but
don’t take my word for it. Buy a V1.

Things to Do During These Next Few Weeks (Other Than Sanitizing Your Home)
Diana Loo

Here is a few list of things to do while we stay at home during the next few weeks. Some of the tasks are silly, mindless, and
reflective and might save you some money.
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - April 2020 - Page 4

Some of the items are nerdy and came from my iPhone class through the Renaissance Society. There were a few others
such as create an inventory of all your devices and what apps are on them, but I decided that was over the top for me. The
inventory included software, creation date, date loaded onto device etc. etc. Hope this get you thinking about things that
you might do. May as well make the best of the situation.  

The Camera has Come A Long Way
Diana Loo

The camera has come a long way. The following is a very high level timeline.

Pictures taken on iPhone using Waterlogue app...
What does your cloud storage look like? Do you have duplicate pictures and or documents? Do you have multiple cloud
storage accounts? Are you running out of space and need to buy more storage? Now is a good time to look at all those
vacation pictures and delete the duplicates or pictures that are not worth keeping. This applies to laptops, tablets,
smart phones and other electronic devices.
When was the last time you changed your password? Maybe this is a good time to create passwords that are more
Delete books that you have read.  Amazon will let you know if you have purchased a book.
Delete unused apps and games.
Learn something new. There are a lot of on-line classes.


Take lots of naps. Your body will fight off any infections if it is rested.
Alphabetize your pantry and spice rack. This drives my family crazy.
Clean out closets and junk drawer.
Start a vegetable garden from seed. By the time this is over, plants should be ready to be planted.
Start planning your next vacation. The camera, cloud has room for pictures. There are a lot of travel deals out there.
Binge watch Hallmark movies. They always have a happy ending. After the first few, one can predict the ending. Maybe
that is way I always fall asleep.
The first camera was a pinhole camera where a box with a small
hole had light travel and hitting a reflective surface projecting the
Images were transferred onto paper.
Kodak invented the film roll camera
Kodak invented the Brownie camera (My parents had one)
Polaroid camera was invented
Konica invented the first autofocus camera
Sony invented the first digital electronic still camera
The first camera phone was invented.
Between my iPhone 10 and various apps the following is possible.
Of course there are small fees for the apps but worth it.

The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - April 2020 - Page 5
Picture of the almond blossom was taken with Camera +2 using the Marco feature...

Original picture was taken with Pro Camera app and then it let me make changes... From black and white to color, and it
also allows me to flip the picture if I so choose.

My Nikon is getting a little jealous of the iPhone because it is staying home more. Getting tired of trying to get it into my
carryon luggage. I don’t need any extra lenses because I can edit the pictures after it is taken. I will take a 35 mm camera
but not all the lenses.
Another plus... Between the iphone
with GPS and the apps, the pictures
are dated and time stamped and  
organized in a file automatically. The
apps will also give you information on
the settings the picture was taken with.
Greg & Katie Balzer
2002 Yellow
Richard Crago
Mountain House
2016 White
Mike & Susana Mayfield
Shingle Springs
2006 White
Trentyn Simon
1990 Red
Kyle Depew
1994 Black
Jonathan Flora
2001 Red
Damon Franklin
2016 White
Standish Marks
San Francisco
2016 Blue
Terry & Alicia Penzel
2004 Red
Kimberly & Bobby Riggs
2002 White
Bradley Call
2016 Red
Kevin Candelaria
Elk Grove
2006 Silver
Steve Meischke
1999 Green
Randel Ross
1999 Blue
The Quarterly Newsletter of the Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association - April 2020 - Page 6
Pacific Grove & Road Trip Challenge
Norm Swanberg

We combined the February trip to Pacific Grove with the Road Trip Challenge.  The Pacific Grove event was again a fun
event.  We were planning on Friday night dinner at the Beach House restaurant across the street from where we were
staying, but they had a problem in the kitchen and were closed.  We went to the Fishwife early and they were able to
accommodate us.  We went there last year and had planned on going Saturday night.  After dinner we had a get together
in one of the larger rooms and had a nice visit.  Saturday, we drove down Highway 1 several miles and had lunch at a nice
restaurant near Big Sur.  The kitchen at the Beach House was repaired allowing us to have dinner there Saturday night
instead of Sunday.  Thanks to Skip Noyes for putting this event on and I hope there is a repeat next year.

Virginia and I stayed an extra night and had some time for the Road Trip Challenge.  We had found a good place to pull off
in front of a Pacific Grove sign on our return trip on Saturday.  On Sunday we got pictures with the Miata, banner, and I with
a Monterey sign, on a pier, with boats in the background, in a tunnel, and with the motel sign where we stayed.  While
driving home on Monday we found the perfect sign of a city beginning with S.  It was Santa Nella, not a big city, and there
are other S’s closer to home, but it worked.

We kept the information and banner in the Miata so we would be ready when an opportunity arose.  I took it into the March
meeting to show for the events presentation.  After the meeting I took it and other papers into the house.  That weekend we
saw the perfect opportunity.  There was a fire engine in a parking lot that we could park right next to and get a picture.  
Problem was the banner was still in the house! Bummer…