Hello friends,

Larry Schnetz, subscriber to this list, 5+ year member of SAMOA, former SAMOA officer, and founder
and keeper of SAMOA's Web page, passed away today on Friday, July 19, 1996. Larry had been feeling
poorly for the past couple of days and had been to the doctor on Thursday. An autopsy is planned
to determine the cause of death.

Larry began attending Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association (SAMOA) meetings in 1990/91 and
became the club's tech officer in 1993. Larry was instrumental in keeping the Gold Rush Miata
rallye going during that time. Though grizzled and imposing in appearance, Larry was one of the
kindest and gentlest persons you could ever meet. He always volunteered to do the jobs no one else
wanted to do, and he never had an unkind word for anyone.

Larry worked for many years as a computer engineer for the small company which went on to become
Play, Inc. Larry worked on many popular PC video peripherals, including the popular Snappy video
device, before going on to run his own business. Larry also went to work at a local
Sacramento-area ISP in 1995 and immediately set up SAMOA's web page. He has maintained it since
that time.

Larry is survived by several family members. If you wish condolences to be passed along to his
family, you may contact Bonnie Lutz, just191@aol.com. Larry will be missed by his many friends
here in Sacramento, as well as by the hundreds of Gold Rush participants who could look forward
each year to the help of the big friendly man with the beard and pony tail at the start of the

Thank you for everything, Larry. You were a real soul!

David DeNuzzo
President - SAMOA