Darren Nguyen
Elk Grove, CA
Just joined a couple of months ago and participated in the Hangover Run last weekend. Thank you Ron
for leading the way. I can't believe I waited so long to get a Miata! Looking forward to more drives and
events this coming year.
Kim Jong-un
Pyongyang, North
My wife, Ri Sol-ju and I would like to present our Christmas surprise to your most venerable Miata club.  
Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, you will be able to see us enjoying our brand
new 2020 Miatas on New Year's day.  That is Ri waving from her new Soul (NOT Seoul) Red (of course
it is red) softtop.  I can be seen in my matching Soul Red RF (stands for rather fierce - which I am).  We
are on an inspection tour of our latest purely defensive missile batteries.  See you all at the next summit.
Wayne & Heidi Sciutto
Woodland, CA
My wife and I just became members this month and knew we had to once we fell in love with our MX5.
We bought our 2010 Grand Touring Copper Red Mica "Daisy" this spring and knew we made the best
choice for a commuter to help make the drive fun. We had no idea how much we would love this car.
With very low miles and previously owned by a "little old lady", this car has still never driven over wet
pavement and was always garaged with car cover protecting her. Now with over 6 months of use by
us, it has only driven one day with the power retractable hard top in the up position. I wish we bought
this car years ago, and feel sorry for all the drivers on the road not driving a Miata. We are proud to own
"Daisy" and to be SAMOA members. Zoom Zoom!
Daniel Bertsch
Nevada City, CA
Hi, I just became an owner of a lightly used 2014 Sport with super low miles. i am formerly a Mini driver,
I have owned two original Minis (1960 Morris 1000 and a 1968 Cooper S, and two new Minis, one
supercharged and one turbocharged. I have seen the light!. This well prepped MX5 (Ohlins, sway bars,
Enkei rims and fat Dunlop Direzzas, and Roadster Sport Exhaust can out corner any of my Minis! Could
use a bit more power, will be working on that. After 1,000 miles behind the wheel, I now understand
why the reviewers constantly love the MX5.
Stephen Weller
Plumas Lake, CA
Just joined. Picked up my 2006 this last July and have been whipping it back into shape a little at a time
while enjoying the heck out of it. Its been pretty great so far. The first week we had it, we did a 1000
mile road trip in it and have loved it ever since. Hoping to maybe hit some track days and autoxs with it
soon. Thanks so much to Ron Petrich of the club for giving me some information on how to join. Really
looking forward to meeting everyone.
Sean McColley
Sacramento, CA
Hello! I am a former Miata owner ('91 A-pkg, '95 PEP, & '00 SE) and SAMOA member (years '01-'04, I
[yes - ed]. All three aforementioned cars were in various build stages when my wife and I had
our first daughter in '08. Priorities changed almost immediately, and all three "Miatae" were sold to make
room for new family sedans. Recently, I had the opportunity to pick up a '09 Nissan Z Roadster for a
screamin' deal. The car is a different beast from what I am used to (it's an 7AT to boot), but it's still a
two-seat convertible which = 10 on the FUN scale. My goal is to find another NB to tinker on, but that's
probably a couple years out. I'll be rejoining SAMOA as an enthusiast and, if invited, may show up at an
event here and there in the Z to get my Miata fix. Happy motoring!
Jerry Brown
Sacramento, CA
Now that I am almost out of a job again, and Gavin is pushing me out the door faster than I can say
Stone Ponies,  Ann and I have decided to exercise our honorary SAMOA membership and attend your
Christmas Party next week.  Can we bring the Plymouth?  They have been taking good care of it at the
CAM, and although it pollutes like an SOB the global warming police can't do anything about it because
its a 74 haha.  For the gift exchange we thought we would bring some last minute tax increases.
Rex Lindgren
Modesto, CA
New member, an import from Colorado.  I would love to find a Bose woofer for my 2007 NC...seems
former owner got water into it...I guess that is par for the course.  Also looking for a rear trunk factory
tire pump and some decent retracting seat belts.  Seems this is a common issue too.  Thanks much.
Garret Walther
Nevada City, CA
I have been interested in Miatas for awhile, and just discovered your site a few weeks ago.  My wife and
I are in our late 70s and I am going through a "late life crisis".  I have decided "if not now, when?"
I am interested in getting into a first gen Miata.  Have contacted several Miata lovers in the Grass Valley
area, so hopefully we can find a car and join SAMOA
[we are looking forward to that - ed].
Allen Paulsen
Tucson, AZ
Glad to see SAMOA is still around. We were early (mentioned as "new members" in the very first
newsletter) SAMOA members and had a great time with the club. Purshased, used, serial number 247
from Holiday Olds/Mazda on March 12th, 1990 with 8500 miles on the clock. Sold her 5 year later with
almost 60k on it. It was origionaly an "Executive Demo" car from Mazda America in Irvine CA.
Bill Hammers
Sacramento, CA
I have an almost complete interior of a 2006 MX-5 in good to excellent condition.  Prices are very
reasonable if anyone is interested. 916.514.1248.
Tom Richards
Nevada City, CA
I was wondering if someone in your group can turn me on to someone that makes or sells SCCA
approved roll bars. I am about to purchase a used 2001 Miata and want to go through the driving school
at Thunderhill with my son. I would appreciate any feedback you might have. Sincerely, Tom Richards
Ken Ebi
Grass Valley, CA
It is time to replace the tires on my 1999 Miata.  The current tires are 195/50/15, but there are not a
lot of choices available in that size.  Looking to see what other Miata owners recommend.  You can
contact me at
Sacramento, CA
Miatas At Thunderhill...  August 3, 2018...  Be there or be square...
Bob & Annie DeSanti
Grass Valley, CA
Worked for Mazda in the late 1980s.  Drove the 1st generation 1990 Miata off the delivery truck.  Forty
odd years later I purchased our 1990 red Miata.
Daniel Delacruz
Stockton, CA
Excited to join this group.  I took my 92 NA through Pebble Beach yesterday and drove along Highway
1.  Loving this car so far.  Already want another.
Amanda O'Dell
Roseville, CA
Hello, I have had a 1999, 2006 and now 2015 Mazda Miata MX-5.  I love evry one of them.  My motto
is....if it ain't raining that top is down!!
Shawn Mani
Sacramento, CA
Looking to purchase an automatic NC (2006+) with TC/DSC for under $8000 running. If anyone is
interested or knows anyone let me know. If the deal works out, year or two of membership or a
meal/drink at Black Bear Diner as a thank you.  Looking forward to finding my first Miata and then joining
the club. Thanks, Shawn.
James Meredith
North Highlands, CA
Bought a 90 Miata a few months ago.  Been working and updating it.  Lots of new parts.  But would
love to come out.  To a club meet for sure.  I saw a video link.  Mine's no show car by far.  Are we all
[absolutely - ed].
Mary Hackett
Sacramento, CA
Former member of SAMOA (as Dave & Mary Mulcahy).  Looking for a nice used Miata so I can return.
Matt Lieng
Elk Grove, CA
Great to see so many Miata enthusiasts in the Sacramento region.  Here is a YouTube video clip from
the event.  Enjoy!
Richard Williams
Rancho Cordova, CA
Hi members, I was wondering if there will be any club meetings on the east side of Sacramento
County.  For the meeting time, that is a lengthy and busy drive.  Just wondering.  Thanks.
Larry Simmonds
Nevada City, CA
Tom Koutsoulis (post #103) went from a Honda to three different Miatas, and I accept the blame.  As
the original owner of a 1992 red NA, I couldn't resist buying my wife a 2008 5MT PRHT Stormy Blue
Mica Miata without asking her first.  She loves her birthday/graduation present!  Fun is in so many
different configurations, but always spelled M I A T A.
Tom Koutsoulis
Stockton, CA
I am on my 3rd Miata and I have heard good things about your club from my long time friend Larry
Simmonds.  I am considering joining your club.  If I have a chance I would like to attend your meeting
this Thursday, July 13th
[ALL Miata enthusiasts are welcome at our meetings and outings -
.  Your runs and members sound like a lot of fun.
Robert Gieser
Folsom, CA
You appear to have an incredible club.  I am seriously thinking of selling my Boxster and buying a Miata.  
My downtime is frustrating.  Any replies welcome.  Hope this is an appropriate post.
[yes it is - ed].
Sharon Long
Mt. Aukum, CA
Greetings MX5 fans.  Mine is 1991.
Peter Jun
El Dorado Hills, CA
Bought my first MX-5 ND but have driven every generation in the past.  SCCA full competition license
Greg Eskridge
Orangevale, CA
Looking to buy a 94-97 manual in either Black or Montego Blue.  Is anyone thinking of selling?
Tom Duffy
Grass Valley, CA
Stumbled on your website while looking for all things Miata.  Looking forward to finding my first Miata
and then joining the club.
Mike Morgan
Vacaville, CA
Happy to find your site in the pursuit of a new roadster. Have already been in contact with Ron and
Robin who have assisted me in my quest for a new ND. Hope to meet you all soon.
Caleb Patterson
Sacramento, CA
Ran a curb in my 1999 Miata.  Reaching out to anyone who has OEM wheels and rear axles.
Philip Latham
Roseville, CA
Hello SAMOA!  My wife and I recently moved to California from Glendale, Arizona.  We have owned our
2014 Club MX-5 since new, and I immediately checked out your website, as I had heard some great
things about your club.  What I found was a great site, a lot of content, but
NO EVENTS!  What's the
story?  You guys used to have something going on every month in past years, but this year looks pretty
thin.  Nevertheless, we'll try to check you out when you have something going on.
Goeff McDaniel
Sacramento, CA
Hello all.  I recently found a business card for your club attached to my windshield while parked at the
supermarket.  Do you really accept us 124 Spider owners into your club?  Because I'd like to join up
with you.  I contacted the local Fiat club, and half of them didn't even know Fiat was selling a new
Spider.  A few even suggested that I contact you folks.  Here is my email
[replied privately to Goeff -
so please get back to me.  Thanks.
Harley Dabler
Sacramento, CA
Great website ! In July I purchased a 2010 GT 6M with only 15k miles and am loving it ! Silver with black
interior. I've only driven it about 800 miles so far but looking forward to cooler top-down driving
weather! The Miata is a replacement for my Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle. I think it will be just
as much fun as a bike (safer too) and I will get more use out of the Miata. One of my dearest friends
(Linda)has a 2008 GT (auto) which I drove many times before getting one of my own. I think both of
us would enjoy getting involved with SAMOA. Hopefully we will be able to attend a meeting or event
soon ! Kind Regards..
Nancy Fuller
Paradise, CA
My husband, Roger and we would I are interested in purchasing a Miata, and we would like to talk to
owners about their experiences with ownership, best years to own, problems with certain model years,
etc.  Most of all, we would like to find a car club in our area, Butte County, if you could direct us. We
are excited to own a Miata, and hope you can direct us! Thank you for your consideration!
Mark Benker
Martinez, CA
Hi everyone, I just signed up as a new member and wanted to say hello. I just bought a 2012 crystal
white mica GT PRHT. It had a SAMOA decal on the window.  Respectfuly, Mark Benker
Jacque Donahue
Sacramento, CA
I have a 1990 Miata that I have had and driven since 2004 from the original owner. Getting to know
other Miata owners would be great because I would expect as a group there would be a vast amount
of knowledge shared on how to maintain my Miata. As it is I found out I have a crack in my exhaust
manifold which I will have replaced with a new manifold and I just wonder if others have had this
problem?  Anyway, thank you.
Mike Wilson
Antelope, CA
Hello to all, I have recently become the newest President of SAMOA and wanted to post to the
guestbook to let you know how proud I am of our club and it's members. I have re-read through all of
the posts and find a couple common threads.  A. You all love your Miatas and  B. You think that SAMOA
is a great car club. I agree vehemently on both counts.  If anyone has any questions or concerns about
SAMOA, please contact me directly. My email and phone number is on the website.  Peace and love to
Bo Grimes
Redding, CA
Richard I am 6 feet tall and 200 lb. And I fit in my 2006 just fine. It is for sale because I want to buy a
2016. It is now or never. We were with the Redding club for over 5 years , but it is inactive because no
one wants the job of leader. We have some of the most spectacular back roads with no traffic. There
are many tiny towns back in the 50s. In 15 miles I can be on smiley roads, 36 to the coast, 3 north to
Salmon forks, east to Lassen through Oak Run, over the top of Lassen, south to the Manton area and
wine tasting. We are planning to join the SAMOA group and I would be happy to lead a run. Your face
will hurt from the smiling so much and seeing beautiful scenery.
Richard Davis
Carmichael, CA
My wife and i used to race a FV with CSRG at Sonoma Raceway and sold the car and trailer and are
considering buying a used MX-5 and joining a club. We would like to attend some of your events and
get to know more about your club and the car itself. I am a 200 pounder/5-8 and am not sure i would
fit. Any suggestions? Thanks.
[replied privately to Richard - ed]
Stephen Davis
Rocklin, CA
I recently joined, and love my new 2015 Miata. However, I am a bit nervous merging onto the freeway
and changing lanes with my soft top up, as I cannot look over my left shoulder as I am accustomed to
as I only see the soft black top. Looking over my right shoulder is of course, no problem.  I would really
appreciate any advice you may have, especially with the rain and fog in Sacramento coming soon,
making visibility even more of an issue. Thank you! P.S--I hope to attend this Thursday's Miata
meeting--my first.
Aaron Stelzer
Auburn, CA
My name is Aaron Stelzer, and I recently bought my first Miata--a 1990 Mariner Blue--big fun. I was
looking for recommendations for a mechanic/shop that fixes and maintains Miatas; also, I'm interested in
finding a good body shop for paint repair. I live in Auburn and would appreciate advice on people I can
trust. Thanks! []
Victoria Cameron
Rancho Cordova, CA
Greetings! I am new to this site.  I stumbled upon SAMOA while searching for my 1993 Miata clutch
repair. My Miata has over 220K miles.  Does anyone know where I can get Marilyn-the Miata repaired for
not a lot of money?  Not sure if it's worth getting Marilyn repaired for I have a lot of miles! Thanks so
Danny Schacht
Pioneer, CA
Hi there. Ordered my Mariner in June '89, took delivery in September '89. Joined BAMA, was the 7th
member. Later joined Delta Miata Club. Haven't been in clubs for a long while
[come on and join
SAMOA -ed]
, but try and keep current thru FB and other internet information. Did the suspension,
bracing and a Sebring early on. It look pretty much stock with the exception of a very subtle purple
pearl in the paint and a headlight NACA intake. Added a MEII trailer, as well. Thanks for keeping the
passion alive and letting old guys like me, keep informed.
Frank & Meg Wilhite
Mono Lake, CA
Hello from the "other" side of the Sierra in California.  I drive an 07 Sunlight Silver Metallic Miata, and my
wife and I are thinking about signing up for your big weekend in October.  Since this is your silver
anniversary weekend, are you doing anything special for those of us with silver Miatas?  Special parking,
car show and shine, awards?  
Debra Jarvis
Newcastle, CA
My beautiful, beloved silver 99 Miata has been garaged for 4 years due to an unfortunate encounter
with a foothills ditch and the resultant fairly serious and expensive body work needed (still ran fine). Fast
forward to Oct 2014 when a %*^^#* driver rear ended/ totaled my "regular" car (and me but that's
another story), I'll be using the insurance payment to restore my Miata taking me from "currently car
less" to "chick with a cool car" (every story has a SILVER lining). Can anyone recommend a body shop
up here in the foothills that does great, reasonably inexpensive work on Miatas? Thank you so much.
James Marshall
Shingle Springs, CA
Purchased used 2004 MazdaSpeed (Turbo) Miata. Love the car! Had 90k on it and had not had a timing
belt replaced, so had Walt at Mazda'a only (El Dorado) do that, water pump, plugs, Etc Did fantastic job,
at reasonable prices.  Driving this car is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  Love the
handling, acceleration, appearance and quality of the car. Might have to join SAMOA.
Margaret McConnell
Sherwood, OR
I really miss my Miata and all my SAMOA Miata buddies.
Rob Winters
Folsom, CA
Just purchased a 2002 Miata.  Love it.  Although I am not a mechganic, I was looking for maintenance
and tune up videos on YouTube and couldn't find any.  Does anyone know a trusted mechanic in the
Filip Ericsson
Uppsala, Sweden
Hey there Miata lovers!  To celebrate Miata's 25th anniversary I have written a little tribute:  Enjoy!
John Duncan
Sacramento, CA
Just purchased a 1991 Miata set up for autocross.  Supercharged, but street legal.
Mike Moreno
Plymouth, CAy
Just purchased a new MX-5 PRHT grand touring in Dolphin Gray, sales,man told me of your group.  I plan
on joining your rally on December 8th to meet some of your members.  Besides, it's for the kids!
Tom Coulam
Antelope, CA
Does SAMOA ever have any tech days?  I have seen other clubs have tech days where members can
come together and wrench or admire work that's already been done.
Joe Kelman
Redding, CA
Am looking for a Miata for a good friend.  I was looking at your cars for sale section.
Matthew Rich
Orangevale, CA
Your club sounds like a of of fun.  Just purchased a Miata on Monday and I would like to become a
Robert Engleheart
Sacramento, CA
Hi, member of SJVMC who has just moved to Sac to take a job @ 50/Bradshaw, living in Shingle Springs,
home to Lemoore (near Fresno) on weekends.  Looking for a shop to install shocks/coilovers on 94 NA
once I decide what to put on.  Waiting for the Tokico distributor issue to settle so I can go with the FM
2.5 kit, but maybe go another route if its not settled by this winter.  Would like someone who knows
Miatas.  Thanks.
Mike Tracy
Sacramento, CA
I am a previous 2001 S2000 owner and have recently purchased an 07 MX-5 Grand Touring PRHT.  
Can't wait to take my babe out for some cruzin...
Ron Petrich
Sacramento, CA
I treated myself to a drive to Napa yesterday for Father's Day.  The Yoko AD08's (235/40/17) are back
on.  I applied the 3M Paint defender system to the rocker panels behind the front wheels in order to
protect the paint from the rash that get's thrown up with wider tires - and the AD08's are wide!  Also
enjoyed the aural enhancements from my
mufflerectomy (especially against the rock wall near the
Monticello Dam).  All in all a great ride, done very early in the morning (left Winters at 7:30AM), with
virtually zero traffic.  Day's like yesterday were just made for the Miata.
James Bailey
Rancho Cordova, CA
Will be joining you guys when I'm out of the Navy in 8 Months.  Am a former member of Club Miata
Northwest.  Great organization, great people... I look forward to meeting more awesome people as
soon as I am back on the mainland from Guam.
Glen Cluff
Sacramento, CA
I have wanted a Miata for over 10 years and finally was able to get one.  '04 LS silver 6 speed.
JT Rakitan
Davis, CA
I am in the market for a stock, manual, NA Miata.  An OEM hardtop is a great addition, but not
necessary.  Please, feel free to email me about your car and we can go from there!  Thanks!  -JT
Ray Haney
Roseville, CA
Hi I am looking for a shop to do some work on my Miata in the Roseville area.  Can you recommend
McLean Sonnenberg
Folsom, CA
Hello, I just purchased a used 1996 Montego blue MX-5 and I want to learn how to perform
maintenance and possibly repairs on the whole car.  I currently have very little knowledge of how any
car works or operates, but I would like to keep my first car in tip-top shape for as long as possible (and
Doug Swanson
El Dorado Hills, CA
Finally decided to purchase a used Miata (started the search) with the intention of my wife and I joining
a car club. SAMOA looks like a great club so all I need to do now is find a car and join. Any advice on the
car purchase is always appreciated and I'm not looking for the perfect car, I have the ability to fix or
restore a less than perfect car.
Michael Topping
Bracebridge, Ontario
Hello SAMOA, loved the web site, quite informative and your group appears to be extremely active. I
am with the Miatas of Muskoka group (Canada) and we like to think we are as well but our cruising
season is very limited to yours (approximately 6 months). We'd like you to come visit our web site at and check us out (note: We are also on Facebook), read a newsletter or
two and perhaps sign our guest book too!  Keep Zooming.
Don Miller
Marysville, CA
Any suggestions for replacing a top on a 2000 Miata?  Tan in color with defroster window.  Looking for a
good top, perhaps a Robbins cloth top with the rain rail and new side springs.  Looking for a shop to
install it with the best price and servive.  Not averse to using a private party if they are good.  Thanks.
Steve Whitt
Vacaville, CA
Hi, I have a 2007 Touring MX-5.  I've done a lot of group motorcycle rides, but never a car one.  Would
love to try one sometime.
Daryl Wong
Rocklin, CA
We are thinking of selling our 2002 Miata SE but not sure how to price it as it has only 9,000 fully
garaged miles on it.  It's an automatic with the removable hardtop.  Any guesses?
Joy Hayes
Redding, CA
I've made my reservations for Miatas in Moab and would like to meet up with your group for the trip
back.  The Redding Miata group isn't going, so I'd love to tag along with your group. 1996 Miata M5,
dark blue/tan interior!  (530) 247-4236.  Thanks!
Bob Felt
Sacramento, CA
Hi Club members, I am not a Miata owner but have been looking for one for my daughter in the $3 to
$5k range. I have been really impressed with the reviews I've read about these cars and have just
barely missed buying a few beauties. Who knows after I get her one maybe I'll have to get myself one.
Anyway if you know anyone that would like to sell a clean (Probably 95-99)please have them email me.
Thanks so much, Bob
Dale Horton
Fairfield, CA
Good Afternoon :).  I own a '95 base edition Miata that came with power everything as well as cruise
control and air conditioning. I have rebuilt the motor and added a high performance cam to increase the
lift and shorten the duration.  GA-Bam...down the road. I am in the process of turbocharging my prism
red Miata.  I have done suspension work, added Sparco Racing seats, roll bar, and a Kicker stereo. I am
interested in street, rod, and show...  Anyone out there?
Ron Lingren
Fair Oaks, CA
I just bought a 1997 Miata from my granddaughter.  There was extensive damage to passenger front
range and condition was appropriate for a good buy and the engine should be broken in by now.  I also
own a 1974 Fiat X1/9.  Bought this car in similar condition but brought it home in boxes.  At least the
Miata was all in one piece.  I am considering joining your group.  Ron
Randy Block
Cameron Park, CA
just purchased a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata.  So far its been a great little car and extremely fun to drive.  
Being an MG/LR enthusiast this is the closest thing to having a new and modern MG.  Look forward to
meeting members of the club and sharing ideas, knowledge and stories.
Jack Sabo
Murphys, CA
I was a member of SAMOA several years ago.  Living so far away was making it difficult to attend.  I
went on several outings and participated in a couple of Christmas toy events.  It was a great time.  I am
now looking to sell my 96 M Edition Miata.  It is in great shape.  Just like the day I bought it and runs as
well.  If you know anyone looking for a great car, give me a call.  (209) 728-9121.  Thanks, and have a
great new year.  ADGS.
Dan Korsak
Sacramento, CA
I have a 1993 Miata that I would like to have detailed.  Exterior only!  it is black with tan top and
interior.  Who do you recommend I talk to?  Thank you.
Steve & Karan
Minden, NV
Thanks for letting Karan and I run the lake with you all today!  Great ride, great meal, and pretty good
golf (darn women)! (Just kidding :-)).  We hope to catch up with all of you fine folks sometime again.  
Catch you on the downhill?
Karan, Steve, and Little Red...
Jim Giffin
Rochester, WA
I drive a 2002 Crystal Blue.  Bought it about 3 years ago (53,000 miles).  I joined Mt. Hood Miata Club
and the Puget Sound Miata Club.  Mt. Hood meets in Portland.  Puget Sound meets in Renton, WA
(exit 150).  I live right in the middle between the two clubs, so I go to whichever event suits me...  I
drove my Miata to Fresno last Thanksgiving to visit relatives.  Fun trip.  I really love it.  I like sports cars...
Jim Smith
Grass Valley, CA
Just got my first Miata yesterday.  First looked at the Miata's many years ago.  It took a long time to be
able to get one.  Very glad I did!  Found your site through Mazda owners web site.  Nice to see a
owners club close to where I live.  Your monthly meetings are quite a ways from where I live.  And with
being on a work night, I don't think I will be able to join you then.  I would like to meet up on one of
your events someday.  Happy motoring!
Jeanne Mulcahy
Fair Oaks, CA
06/25/11 husband and I are in the process of hunting for a nice Miata.  That said, we wanted to be
guests at the next club meeting scheduled for July 13th.  Do we have your blessing to attend, even if
we haven't purchased the Miata as yet??  If someone could please email us to let us know, that would
be great.  Thanks, Jeanne and Mike.  Email:  (ED NOTE:  by all means you are
welcome to join us on the 13th.)
Bob Wiedman
Fair Oaks, CA
Just purchased 2008 Miata (24000 miles) and would appreciate advice as to maintenance (service)
providers and suggested service intervals.  Also, is the car timing belt driven?  And if so when should it
be replaced?  Thanks, Bob (916) 966-6408
Bryan Laws
South Island,
New Zealand
Hi fellow MX-5/miata driver, We are a small business, now in our second year of operation, offering
escorted MX-5 tours and car hire in the South Island of New Zealand. We started this business due to
the comments from a number of overseas MX-5 owners that we met who expressed an interest to
experience NZ roads and scenery from the familiar comfort of an MX-5.  Our cars are selected for being
just a bit special with several of them limited editions. Our tours are designed to capture the spirit and
camaraderie that is special to MX-5 club rallies.  We can also develop a specialized itinerary for a group of
over eight persons or over four cars. Current accommodation is in 3+ and 4 star hotels but we can
quote on other types of accommodation With the possibility that some of your members may be
interested in flying south to get away from your next winter and enjoying a great winter holiday in New
Zealand. Is there an option to mention our operation in your newsletter?  Or perhaps you could
establish a link to our site either in the newsletter or on your links page. If so we would really welcome
this opportunity. Perhaps we could provide you with an article in your
newsletter or magazine about mx5 driving in New Zealand.
Peggie Cathie
Somerset, CA
Just a question, and that is can someone recommend a good car cover?....waterproff and long lasting?  
My "Stuart Little", 94 red, is having issues with the rain and he lives outside!!  Help.  Thx Peggie ps
(former member).
Judd Zillioux
Carmichael, CA
Hi SAMOA, joined in 1994, was the Tech guy for a year in 1996 and loved those Goldrush events in the
90's.  Let my membership lapse in 2004.  Still have my '92 and now have time to get driving with the
group again.  See you soon.
Kevyn Baca
Sacramento, CA
Hi, I came across a little red 1990 Miata by my uncle. Actually by both of my uncles. My uncle Dave first
introduced me to this wonderfully fun car when he bought it and fixed it up. He then gave it to my
uncle Paul when he could no longer drive (health reasons). Uncle Paul had a little trouble with the
clutch and so it sat for 5 years in driveway. I bleed the clutch, jump started the battery and it fired right
up (old gas and all). He gave it to my daughter, I drive it, (haven't had time to teach her manual shift,
hehe), she takes my car. Awesome, very reliable, strong vehicle. Have even used it to transport material
to replace flooring (best little red construction "truck" I've ever had).
Chuck Gervin
Tracy, CA
Hello all: I am on my third Miata I have one 1990, and a donor 2006 (hit a dear at speed) :(  I am in the
process of rebuilt another 06 with the parts off my old car.  I have never been to a Miata club meeting.  
I was a member of the VW clubs in the bay area for years.  Do you do any track days or rallys?
Ted Miles
South Sacramento, CA
I will be buying a Miata soon as a second car to use when the weather is inclement for my motorcycles
and occasional autocross or track day.  I am interested in joining SAMOA when I have a car and getting
advice on purchasing one and finding a good shop for it.
Ron Petrich
Sacramento, CA
The guestbook form has been updated to provide an increased measure of anti-spam protection.  The
CAPTCHA verification below should eliminate most of the unwanted responses, and I still have the
opportunity to edit each comment before it is posted.  Thanks for your cooperation.
Derrick Stenson
Modesto, CA
I had a question about finding a replacement center console faceplate.  I recently replaced my sterio
(91's still had a tape deck, haha) and the console faceplate basically shattered when it was taken off.  
Your president Robin George helped me over the phone and I appreciate it greatly.  If anyone else has
info on where I can find a new faceplate, be it factory, used or aftermarket I would be grateful.  Please
feel free to call, 209-552-1890.  and to Robin - thank you for your help[ful] friendly nature.
Judy McMillen
Placerville, CA
Hi, I am a second time owner of a Miata, my first one was a new 2000 fire engine red and this one is a a
2008 silver touring, both have manual shift.  I forgot how hard it was for me to reach the clutch pedal
to shift.  Does anyone know where I could buy some kind of [clutch] pedal extension?  I have looked
on the internet but to no avail.  Could you put the word out that I am looking and see what happens?  
Thank you.
Ama Revo
Sacramento, CA
Had so much fun together going to Moab IV.  Thank you so much for taking me into the family.  My
membership application is in the mail.
David Gillespie
Santa Rosa, CA
Just purchased my Miata 99 MX-5 and I love it.  Was looking for a club to join.  Have a great ride!
Christine Kane
Valley Springs, CA
Hello, I'm interested in joining SAMOA and saw the free membership promotiion for 2010.. I purchased
my Miata in September of 2009, but have only recently checked around online for clubs/associations.  
Does this mean I do not qualify for the free promo since I purchased in 2009 and did not join in 2009?  
Just thought I'd check.  Thanks! Christine.
Steve & Susan Gust
Lincoln, CA
We just purchased our first Miata (after some help from this website and the links provided!)  I attended
the March meeting and Susan and I will attend the April meeting and join SAMOA.  The autocross at
Mather last weekend was a kick!  Zoom, zoom!
Adrian Galang
Davis, CA
Hey all, I just got my first Miata on the 18th. last month and I already love it.  Can't wait to meet you all
and check out other people's Miatas.  I'm glad that I could be part of this group.
Robin George
Sacramento, CA
Please continue to submit your comments and/or suggestions.  Even make up a name if you must.  We
do read them and will present them to the BOO for their consideration and commenst.  and I will
personally follow up with you if you want.
Sue & Ray Olmstead
Dallas, OR
I was re-reading the First Five Years Miata book and feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to take a look
at the SAMOA website to see how the club has developed over the years.  The website content
reflects the energy and involvement of your still fun-loving membership.  Keep it up, you've done a
great job!
Dennis & Rosemary Best
Lincoln, CA
Just checking out the sight.  Love Tex Whantabe's... and any other cooking channel restaurants.  
Never belonged to a Miata club.  Bought our 3rd. one July 2, 2009... too many grand-kids so they were
sold, now I'm old and stingy and got another MX-5... need very little prodding to drive anywhere.
Aaron Long
Elk Grove, CA
Hello. I recently joined SAMOA.  I bought a 2000 Miata a few months ago.  It is so much fun to drive!  I
have been adding chrome and a few other things.  I look forward to meeting other members.
Julie O'Shea & Peter
Tehachapi, CA
I recently joined SAMOA although I have been on many runs over the years with SAMOA I also belong
to SJVMC and SoCalm.  My favorite runs and rallys have been with SAMOA.  I love this club!  My late
husband always went on the SAMOA events and he passed away in 2003.  I now have a new partner
and life gets better daily.  Looking forward to the Twentieth!  I just sold my Brilliant Black '92 (special
edition) and bought a 2007 with retractable hardtop.
Julie O'Shea
Tehachapi, CA
I just bought a 2007 Galaxy Grey retractable hardtop and decided to join the club.  I have always
enjoyed going on runs and rallys with SAMOA in the past.  Our first event was when Bonnie Lusk was
the prez, it was the Goldrush event.  That was I believe in 1993.  I am also a member of SJVMC.  I've
been a member of soCalm since 1992 when I bought my first Miata.  I love SAMOA events, I have never
been to a bad one!!!!  Looking forward to the next one I can get to.
Al & Pat Treadway
Galt, CA
I found the website a few days ago and filled out my membership today!!!  Looking forward to meeting
all the members and joining in on the runs.
Linda Fischer
Citrus Heights, CA
The black vinyl detachable boot which fits models 1999-2005 is all I have left of my Miata since it was
safely stored in my garage when my beloved silver MX-5 was totalled recently on my way to work.  
Otherwise, I'd love to join your club now that I've checked out the website.  However, if anyone is
inteested in the boot, please email me at Have many happy runs.
Erik Ackroyd
Carmichael, CA
Desperately seeking my first NA Miata so I can join your group.  As I turn 59 3/4, I find I must have one
for my post mid-life crisis... any advice on what not to buy, or a lead on a clean bodied, reasonably
priced one (needing mechanical work is OK) greatly appreciated!  Special thanks to Ron Petrich for fixing
this page so I could sign your guestbook.
Paul van Helden
The Netherlands
Hi there at SAMOA, my name is Paul van Helden, and I'm responsible for the events of the Dutch  In the past our clubs did have some contact at regular times.  I was wondering if there
is still time and room for an international event?

We want to have a international event on our agenda again and one of the old favourites was the
America trip.  With rented Miata's through the California sun.  Please contact me for some further ideas
at or at
Loomis, CA
Hello fellow Miata lovers.  I was handed a SAMOA card while gassing up my 97 Miata in Granite Bay, so I
just joined the club!  I guess the Christmas party will be my first event so I look forward to meeting you
all there.
Steve Smith
Rocklin, CA
I have two questions.  #1.  Has the Board of Officers and or the club ever considered updating the club
logo to depict all three generations of the Miata?  #2. With the large influx of new members (myself
included) there are probably several of us who would like to purchase apparel (jackets, sweatshirts,
t-shirts, ball caps) with the club logo.  Is this possible?  Love everything about the club, looking forward
to more runs...
Richard Kelly
Isleton, CA
Just filled out my membership.  Looking forward to joining you.
Gee Vang
South Sacramento, CA
Hey guys.  Nice to see a nice group of people getting together for something they love.
Kate Dye
Meridian, ID
Great website!  I have a sister in Sacramento, and am consdiering purchasing a Miata there to drive
home.  I am a member of Les Bois Miata Club (94 M Edition Montego Blue, 99 Emerald Green Mica).
Ron Petrich
Sacramento, CA
Don, why don't you consider joining SAMOA?  Come to our next meeting on September 11th and you
will probably get all the technical advice you need and more.
Don Thackrey
Woodland, CA
Need some tech help for my 1991 Miata.
Jill Flanagan
Folsom, CA
Had my special edition 1993 Miata since Dec of 1992.  It's still my cute little 'cartoon car'
Sacramento, CA
Have 99 Miata. Nice web site. Plan to come to some events when car is back on road. Thanks for the
site. May ask for some advice from you.
David & Susan Hoefler
North Lake Tahoe, CA
New owners of a 2008 MX-5 Touring copper red with suspension package. Looking forward to coming
to a meeting.
Dennis Self
Elk Grove, CA
Great looking new website guys. Real class as usual. I have some stock M2 wheels for sale for a song
and a cold beer. Call me at 916-296-6039 or email at
Fred Dyer
Roseville, CA
Hey cool site. Maybe Ill come and join you folks on one of your runs next year.
Neak Oknha Kith Meng
Phnom Penh,
I am the president of the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce here in the Republic of Cambodia, and a
MX-5 enthusiast. I will be visiting your California next spring, and I would be delighted to participate in
one of your club activities. I will contact you this spring.
Vi & Frank Nicholson
Sacramento, CA
Ron/Jack, thanks for the reminder about the Teddy Bear Run. We just got home... and it was a super
fun run. It was great to be part of our first SAMOA run... and to participate in the donations to the
Childrens Receiving Home. Great planning, super day.
Car Guy
On A Lonely Road...
Is it possible to create private areas on the SAMOA forum? If so, then it would be nice if there was a
SAMOA member-only section where things like the newsletter could be posted. This could accomplish
two things: 1) The monthly mailing with the password
[duh - you said 2 things - ed].
Ginger Rodgers
Below Dirt Level...
Oh Fred, I told you to stop surfing the internet car sites. You can't even drive anymore!
Fred Astaire
Hollywood, CA
This is the best car club web site that I have ever seen.
Robin George
Sacramento, CA
Please submit your comments and /or suggestions. Even make up a name if you must. I do read them
and will present them to the board for their consideration. And I will follow up with you if you want me
to. Thanks.
Pat Sandbloom
Redding, CA
Would like to thank the group for letting Joe, cindy, Sue and me ride along on the Redwood Run. you
are a fun group to tour with. Hope to tour again with your group. Pat Redding Area Miatas
Mark Brooks
Citrus Heights, CA
Heres a vote to change our meeting locations every now and then... the food at Cocos leaves
something to be desired!
Eric Vance
At My Desk...
I want to thank those involved in making this happen. I think the forum and the web page has a lot to
do with the increase of the club membership. It is how I came to join. Eric Vance 92 Black and Tan
Rancho Murietta, CA
We need to have more poker rallies!!!
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