What is the history and background of SAMOA?

SAMOA is a non-profit fraternal organization organized under the laws of the State of California.  In accordance with our bylaws the club is managed by a Board of
Officers (BOO) elected by the membership in December for the following calendar year.  SAMOA was founded in October, 1990.  Paul Kile and Audrey Hall met in
Carmichael Park near Sacramento, California, and SAMOA took its first breath.  In that first year eleven additional charter members signed on, and established what is
now one of the most successful grassroots Miata clubs in the country.  Twenty-one years later SAMOA has grown to more than 200 members from more than
fourteen counties in Northern California.  SAMOA meets monthly and conducts numerous drives and other events throughout the calendar year.

When and where do you meet?

We conduct a monthly club meeting on the second Thursday of each month at Black Bear Diner in Natomas.  The meeting officially begins at 7:00 PM, however
most members arrive earlier and enjoy dinner, refreshments and socializing before the meeting.

Do I need to join SAMOA to attend your meetings and events?

No, all Miata enthusiasts are welcome to join us as our guests and find out what we are about.  We are sure that after you meet us, you will want to join SAMOA,
but there is no obligation.

How do I join SAMOA?

Signing up is easy and can be done in several ways.  You can complete a paper application and mail it, along with a check for $24 payable to SAMOA, to our club
Treasurer at SAMOA, 122 Henderson Way, Folsom, CA 95630.  You can also complete an  online application, but you still need to mail your check to our treasurer.  
You can also complete the necessary paperwork at any of out monthly meetings.  Your membership covers you and one additional person (spouse, son, daughter,
significant, etc.).  Miata ownership is NOT required for membership.

As a special offer for those who have never been a SAMOA member before and who also own at least one Miata, we offer your first twelve months of membership
for free.  Complete the  
online application  and affirm that you qualify.  Subsequent annual renewals will be at the standard annual dues rate in effect at the time of

Please note that your SAMOA application includes personal information (address, telephone, email, date of birth, Miata(s) year/color).  This information is collected for
internal club purposes only, and is never shared with third parties.  However you may decline to share this information with other club members, in which case it will
be available only to the BOO.  Please review the club's
Privacy Policy for complete details.

What do I receive for my membership dues?

As stated above, your membership is for a 12 month period, renewable each year on the first of the month in which you joined, and covers you and one additional
person.  In addition to the intangible benefit of a great social organization, each membership also includes your membership cards, free passes to the California Auto
Museum, attendance at the club's annual catered picnic, our monthly award-winning newsletter MiataTudes, access to the SAMOA Forum, and the opportunity to
create your own web page within our site.  You will also have access to our club's roster for communication with other members.

What if I don't own a Miata?  Can I still join?

Yes you can.  Our by-laws simply require members to be Miata enthusiasts.  We currently have several members who do not currently own Miatas, for both personal
or medical reasons.  We do ask, however, that if you want to participate in any of our club outings with an OTM (other than miata) vehicle, that you become a club

When does my membership expire?

All memberships expire on the first day of the month in which that membership is established.  For example, if you join on January 20, 2011 your membership will
expire on January 1, 2012.  In order to verify your expiration date, log on to the Members Only page to view the online roster.

How do I renew my membership?

Each member will receive email notification of an expiring membership approximately 10 days prior to the expiration date.  A second email notice will be sent if you
are still not renewed after the next monthly club meeting.  Simply forward your renewal dues in the form of a check payable to SAMOA to SAMOA, 1864 Bridge
Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833.  You may also make payment at our monthly meeting. Members are given a grace period of one month to make payment.  If
we do not receive your renewal by the end of the month you will be dropped from the membership roster.

I just moved.  How do I change my address or other personal information?

Contact the club Secretary by email or by telephone to update your personal information.

I have seen many members with club name tags and other club-labeled clothing?  How do I obtain those items?

Name tags can be purchased directly from Joe Portas, aka The Knobmeister.  From time to time the club commissions the printing of logo apparel.  Keep an eye on
the Buy Stuff page on our web site for details.

I am a new member and will be going on my first SAMOA event.  What do I have to do to prepare?

You do not need any special skills or preparation.  All SAMOA events emphasize safety first.  We strictly adhere to the rules of the road and posted speed limits.  
That is not to say we do not have fun or exercise our roadsters as they were meant to be exercised.  Just be sure your Miata is in good mechanical condition and
you start with a full tank of gas.

All SAMOA events are posted on our web site events calendar.  Specific details are provided as to the starting point and departure time, the type of run (M I A T A
and S) and generally the route and potential out-of-pocket costs (lunch, hotels, park fees, tolls, etc.)  We usually choose the least direct, most scenic routes for our
outings.  We have also published an
Events Policy and a Leader Pack checklist for your review.

I want to organize and lead my first event.  What do I need to do?

Other than accepting our thanks for volunteering, no prior experience in organizing an event is required.  There is no training period.  Anyone (and everyone) has
had successful outings their first time out.  Check the club calendar and pick an appropriate date.    You do not have to pick a date that is empty, as we have had
multiple events on the same date in the past.  However picking an used day will obviously increase the number of members available.  Contact our Events
Coordinator who will be more than willing to assist you in the planning of your outing.  Finally, review our online
Events Policy and Leader Pack.

I would like to volunteer for a position on the BOO?  Who do I contact?

Contact any current BOO member. You will be immediately bound and gagged and delivered to the election center for further processing.












Club Related Questions
How long has SAMOA maintained a web site?

Our web site was originally established and maintained by former clubmember Larry Schnetz.  The site was first brought online in 1995.  It was subsequently
maintained by Hugo Schmidt from late 1996 until October 2006.  In late 2006 Ron Petrich became Webmaster and thoroughly redesigned the site, which went live
on January 1, 2007.

The site's original address was www.samoa.org.  During Hugo's tenure as Webmaster the site was an award winner at the California State Fair competition for
non-profit, non-commercial sites.

Who hosts the website, and is the site secure?

The site is hosted by  Aabaco Small Business.  Aabaco sites have historically been up and running 99.9% of the time, and are backed up in several different
geographic locations, so our site can remain active in an emergency.  The site runs on a Unix operating system and Apache servers, and is password protected.  The
site employs shared SSL certificates and encryption to protect users and site visitors from hackers.  We do not employ cookies for site visits.

Additional user name and revolving password protection is employed to restrict the detailed member roster access to club members only.

How do I navigate your website?

The site has been optimized for Internet Explorer, and also runs well under FireFox, Chrome and Edge.  Other web browsers may also be used, but navigation and
layout may be compromised.

The site's home page and twelve main pages (Welcome, Events, Members, Newsletter, Forum, Pictures, Drives, Guestbook, Classified, Buy Stuff, Tech Talk,
Weblinks, Contact) can be accessed by a horizontal menu at the top of each page.  These 12 pages open in the same (replacement) window.  To return to the
home page or go to another page, simply click on that page in the menu.  Other pages generally open  in a new window, and a menu will not be present.  To
return to the original page, click the X in the upper right corner of your browser to close that window.  Online forms have limited menus, to return to either the
site's home page or the previous page visited, in case the form is not completed.

Most weblinks on the site are underlined and in a unique color.  However links may also be represented by pictures and other images.  Centering your mouse over
image links will produce the appropriate mouse pointer for a link.

The contents of the 12 pages are summarized as follows:

How do I post information about a new event, or add/modify information about a previously scheduled event?

Fill out the online event form  and your information will be immediately forwarded to our  Events Coordinator  and  Webmaster.  Your new event or changes to an
existing event will then shortly be posted to the web site.

How do I post a comment on the SAMOA Guestbook?

Complete the interactive comment  form.  The  Webmaster  will then post your comments.

I would like to place a classified ad on your website.  How do I do this?

Ads are free and will remain live for up to 6 months, or until you inform us to delete your ad.  Fill out the interactive form.  You may upload up to 4 images with your
ad, however each image is limited in size to 150Kb each.

I am a member.  How do I view the current issue of MiataTudes or view the SAMOA detailed roster?

You can find the link to this information in 2 locations - on the SAMOA Home page and also on the Members page.  You will be required to furnish your user ID and
the current password.  Both files are in PDF format (requires
Adobe Reader) and may be downloaded to your computer or printed locally.

I would like to write an article for the newsletter.  How do I proceed?

Send all copy in MS Word format via email to the  newsletter editor  at least 3 days prior to the end of the month, for inclusion in the next month's newsletter.  
You may also submit as many images as you wish, but please include them as
attachments to your email (as opposed to embedding them in the copy).  You will
receive confirmation via return email that the article(s) has been received.

How do I submit a technical article for the Tech Talk page?

As with newsletter submissions above, send these articles to our webmaster in the same format for both text and images.

Where do I direct general questions about your website?

Email the Webmaster.









Web Site Related Questions
Welcome provides a written and video greeting from our President.
Events is a summary of future and past events, links to pages to help you run an event, a description of event types, and our event calendar.
Members lists our roster names, instructions on how to join the club, and describes membership benefits.  A link to the Member's Only page is also provided.
Newsletter page provides access to all past and current month newsletters on file.
Pictures are available online from many past events dating back to 2004.
Drives page highlights details and routes of many exciting drives near Sacramento.
Guestbook feature allows site visitors to leave a comment, just say hello, or provide a suggestion for site improvements.
Members and other enthusiasts are invited to place Miata-related ads on our
Classified page.
Gallery is a page which includes photos and descriptions of SAMOA members' Miatas.
Tech Talk provides short articles (or links to same) of technical interest, from our members or others.
Weblinks contains links to other Miata club websites, certain vendors, and other sites of interest.
Contact page lists BOO contact information, a link to our BOO and monthly meeting minutes, and information about leading an event.
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