Super Bowl Sunday Run - February 2, 2020
This annual run will take place rain or shine.  If it is dry, it will be run at a sporting pace, or as Robin would say, at 1 mile over.  If it is wet, we will go more slowly.  In
either case, our pace will reflect the conditions and be prudent and safe.  I hope the sun is out though.  As in past years, I will be lined up parallel to the frontage road
just west of the gas pumps (gray ND with rollbar).  If you plan on a quicker pace, line up directly behind me (see lineup map below).  If you plan to tour, park in a
regular lined spot and let the first group leave first.  You CANNOT GET LOST on this run if you follow the route directions below.  And if there is traffic, the point is
moot.  But hopefully we'll have the opportunity to enjoy our Miatas as God intended.

Usual route to Napa and back, with a pit stop at the Soda Canyon store...  Departing AM/PM (there is also a new Starbucks just across the street) in Winters at 8:30 AM
(please arrive at 8:00AM or earlier so we can go over safety and other rules of the road) and complete the waiver...  Stop for lunch at the Winters Round Table Pizza
upon return...  All in all, you will be safely back home in your recliner in plenty of time to watch Santa Clara battle Las Vegas in SuperBowl LIV.  Please RSVP by Friday,
January 31, 2020.

Ron Petrich
(916) 601-5338 (cell)
General Comments About The Route & Safety
01.  Always remember that we are on public 2-lane roads.  YOU are ultimately responsible for your own vehicle and your own safety.
02.  If you are ever uncomfortable with your pace or the pace of other Miatas around you, pull over and drop to the back of the group.
03.  There are very few turns on this route, so it is virtually impossible to get lost.  That said, always try to keep the Miatas in front and behind in your sights.
04.  The pace of the event leader will be sporting, but safely within the capabilities of his Miata and skill set.  If you enjoy this pace line up in the first group.
05.  If you enjoy a touring (slower) pace, line up accordingly in the second group.
06.  Our route may contain unexpected hazards.  We will slow to 45mph through the campground, and take the first 180° turn after the bridge more slowly for hikers.
07.  Areas near cliffs may contain road debris.  Plan accordingly.  We may encounter bicyclists, both in our direction and oncoming.  Deer have been seen as well.
08.  Areas in the shade may be wet and afford less traction.  Caltrans has been known to use sand in some sections.
09.  Passing other vehicles...  The leader will NOT attempt to pass slow vehicles, even where passing is allowed (there are just too many of us to allow a safe pass).  As
frustrating as this may be, we will always wait until they pull over to make a pass.
10.  At the Soda Canyon Store, feel free to purchase coffee or a snack.  We will be there for about 30 minutes.  Park on the far (north) side of the store.
11.  Please observe the posted speed limits on Silverado Trail and SR128 near Lake Hennessey, as we have observed Napa Sheriff vehicles citing OTMs.
12.  Radios...  If you have a family radio and you want to hear comms between the leader and the sweep, tune it to channel 15.  There will also be loaners available.
13.  If you need to contact me on the morning of the run please use my cell number above.
This Run Is a Rain Or Shine Event