Running Around Bear
September 24-26, 2010
A Celebration of SAMOA's 20th
A Chronology of the Weekend...
An avid and enthusiastic SAMOA
staff made preparation and
decoration on Thursday afternoon
and Friday morning an easy task.  
By Friday midday, the Lodge and
registration area was completely
ready for the first arrivals.
Around noon on Friday the first
attendees arrived.  The first
group included several cars from
Oregon, members of WVMC, while
a Sacramento contingent was not
far behind.  An organized group of
cars, led by Jack Parker, showed
up around 4:00 PM.  Late arrivals
crawled in as late as 8:00 PM.
Saturday!!!  The main day of
Running Around Bear was an
all-day Miata fest.  After a hearty
continental breakfast, drivers
met, then embarked on a 135
mile trek over several high passes
to Nevada and back.  Saturday
evening a gala program, dinner
and benefit raffle took place.
More great weather, more
breakfast, and more unique
activities on Sunday.  SAMOA's
interpretation of sheer Miata
madness was its Funkhana, an
eight station challenge to your
sanity and driving (not) and
laughing ability.  No one was
SAMOA held its 20th anniversary birthday party last weekend, and all agreed that it was an unqualified success.  Attendees started
arriving, one car here, another there, about mid-day on Friday, and were greeted enthusiastically by the event staff at the registration
desk.  But for those organizing the weekend, their "fun" began the day before.  Almost a dozen SAMOA members selflessly spent
Thursday afternoon and Friday morning organizing, decorating and preparing for the arrival of nearly 100 Miata enthusiasts.  From the
Friday night social in the Lodge's main atrium, to the 135-mile run on Saturday, the gala banquet and raffle Saturday night, to Sunday's
unique Funkhana and eventual departure, the common thread and comments were unquestioningly positive.  We hope everyone who
attended shares our satisfaction that you all had such a great time, and we hope the grins are still there when we host our 25th
anniversary in a few more years.

Complete photo galleries located here
Thank you to all who
attended our 20th
birthday party.

We are glad you could
make it, and we hope
you had a wonderful

See you again when we
turn 25!