First Friday at The Fountains - July 3, 2020
SAMOA has been invited back to display our cars and partake in the First Friday festivities
at the Fountains of Roseville.  We displayed our cars in 2013, 2014 and last year and
everyone involved had a great time.  This year we have selected July 3rd as the date.  
This car show requires a 4 hour commitment from each participating member.  Our cars
are on display between 5:30PM until 9:00PM.  The center requires a minimum of 25 cars
from SAMOA, to a maximum of 30 cars.  While our cars are on display we are free to
wander the center, have dinner, or just hang out.  There will be live music, dancing,
children's activities, etc. If you would like to participate please get your RSVP in no later
than Friday, June 26th.  If more than 30 RSVP, a waiting list will be established.  
Complete instructions and directions will be provided as we near the event date. For
more information about the Fountains First Friday activities please follow
this link.
Diana Loo
(916) 769-9537
Complete instructions as to arrival time,
directions, suggested items to bring, etc. will
be emailed to all registered participants at least
3 days prior to the event.