Day Trip to Bodega Bay - October 12, 2020
30th Annual (almost to) Fort Bragg Ralph Gingrich Memorial Day Trip to Bodega Bay...

To honor the spirit of this, the Club’s longest annual run, we have, with the help of President Martin Boersma, worked to create alternatives. First, we have created a
link to a photo album with pictures of past Fort Bragg runs. It is titled “The virtual 30th Annual Fort Bragg, Ralph Gingrich Memorial Run-2020". This is a shared album,
meaning anyone with the link can upload photos to the album. Since we first made the run in 2001, and since we did not switch to digital photography until 2002 and
can’t find the 2001 photo album, these pictures so far only go back to 2002. It would be great if some members have photos of some of the earlier runs to add to the
album. (The website photos only begin in the early 2000’s as well.)

The link to the Album to either view or contribute is

Next, there will be a run to give folks a chance to enjoy the coast. The plan for those of us who choose to just do a day trip is to leave the Sacramento Area with the
goal of arriving at Bodega Bay in time for an early lunch. Participants can either bring their own food or order food at the Fishetarian Deli in Bodega Bay. We will then try
to eat at their outdoor tables, if there is room to us to socially distance while dining. These tables overlook the off-loading of crab and other fish by commercial fishing
vessels. These tables are first come, first served, so we also have been given alternate picnic locations by the Bodega Bay Chamber of Commerce. If you have Miata trunk
sized chairs, it would probably be a good idea to bring them, or bring a picnic blanket “just in case.”

To decide if you want to bring your own food or purchase it there, you can check out the menu at

We are also going to visit the
Children’s Bell Tower, the memorial to Nicholas Green, a 7 year old Bodega Bay resident whose family dealt with his tragic death by both
donating his organs and by supporting organ donation worldwide. There is a very nice hiking trail leading toward the ocean from the monument for those who might
want to get a bit of exercise before heading out.

The reason we selected Monday, the 12th was to give you options to make your own arrangements to spend additional time at the coast. Should you wish to spend
the weekend in Fort Bragg (or elsewhere), you can do so and then meet the daytrippers in Bodega Bay for lunch before heading home. Also, for those of you who are
retired (or working from home), this offers the opportunity to head north toward Fort Bragg or elsewhere on the coast for a couple days or so after the event, avoiding
weekend crowds.

More details will follow as they are available. Please contact Vince Weis at if you will be participating in the activities on the 12th. Let us know if you
will be leaving from the Sacramento area; or, if you plan to meet us in Bodega Bay. Also, please let us know if you will be bringing your own food or ordering it there. We
want to give Fishetarian an idea of how many people to expect, so getting food there can be done efficiently.

More details, including departure point and time will be sent to those who have signed up; and, will also be posted here when available.

Vince Weis
(916) 747-4627