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In the past few months the SAMOA Board has discussed various ideas to commemorate the Club's 30th Anniversary in 2020.  Just last month Mazda celebrated the 30th
Anniversary of the Miata with a weekend in Monterey, focused at and around Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway.  Nearly 1,600 Miatas were officially registered and more
than 2,400 Miata enthusiasts were on hand.

In 2010 SAMOA celebrated our Club's  
20th Birthday  with a lavish weekend at Bear Valley Lodge in the high Sierra.  We had nearly 160 members and friends in
attendance.  A benefit raffle raised more than $12,000 for charity, and everyone left vowing to come back for more in 5 years.

And that they did!  Our  
25th Anniversary  at Black Oak Casino and Hotel near Yosemite National Park combined a casual atmosphere with sophisticated entertainment,
gaming, epic drives, and, once again a raffle supporting various charities.  As the weekend ended all thought it would be a daunting task to go one better.

However, early in 2019 the BOO declared it's intention to do just that.  The initial goal was to recreate the ambience and activities at Black Oak 4 years ago.  And although
that may be possible, the BOO is also looking at other venues and activities.  One stated goal is to NOT price our birthday party out of our members' budgets, but still
provide a special weekend experience.  But the Board would welcome your thoughts, input and participation in that process.

But rather than try to create a 30th Birthday Party in a vacuum, why not ask the membership what it wants, where, when, how long, how much, what activities, etc.  We
have created the survey linked below to capture your thoughts on the matter.

Please complete it and tell us what you would like to see next year.  How much is a reasonable amount to spend?  Where would you like the host facility to be?  In town?  
Out of town in the mountains?  On the coast?  Does a raffle make sense?  Saturday banquet?  Drives?  Other activities?  PLEASE give us some of your ideas.

And finally... Are
YOU willing to participate in the planning and execution of the event?  Please let us know as in order to pull this off serious planning must start before the
end of 2019.

Both members of 2 party memberships are welcome to submit individual surveys.  We only ask that you make every effort to return it to us before the next meeting on
December 12th.