ND Wheels & Tires
Ron Petrich
Sacramento, CA
(916) 601-5338

17x8 Konig +45 Ultraform in gloss graphite (gray) with Dunlop Direzza ZIII extreme performance summer tires in 235/40/17.

(continued) Force balacing machine.  The wheels sell new at Good-Win Racing for $191 each, and the current price at TireRack for the tires is $211 each.  That comes
to $1,608 plus mounting and tax if one buys new.
 I am asking a firm price of $850, about 1/2 of what the new price would be. For this you get a like-new set of wheels
and FREE tires, mounting and balancing.  Pickup in Sacramento only (freight is not cheap for wheels/tires).

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