The Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association is a
progressive Miata Club based in Sacramento, California,
beyond) and always open to more!  The only
qualifications we require to becoming a member are
enthusiasm of the Mazda Miata, ownership (or at least
access to one!), and an openness to enjoying the car with
other people of the same philosophy.   As the Mazda
Miata continues its historic journey to become the most
popular sports car ever sold, we enjoy celebrating that
history through tech days, day trips, community projects,
track and autocross events, and other group-oriented
activities which have as their main focus – enjoyment of
the  Mazda Miata!  Tour our site, come to our meetings,
join us on an outing, and then, if you so choose, join
SAMOA.  We hope you enjoy, and see you on the road.

Robin George
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