SAMOA Track Drivers Mailing List
SAMOA members have long been involved in motorsports and track activities. We have had, and currently have, members who
participate in wheel to wheel racing with their Miatas and other racing vehicles. There is also a core group of members who
regularly take their Miatas to various tracks and participate in high performance driving events (HPDEs). These are untimed laps
conducted under strict safety and other protocols at various northern California venues. Such events are organized by other
clubs and organizations on a regular basis throughout the year. Costs vary between $150 and $300 per day, depending upon
the day of the week and the track involved. A list of those organizations and links to their websites is on the Events page of the
SAMOA website.

The SAMOA members listed below regularly participate in such events and have agreed to be included in this list. The list is
informational only. There is no obligation to participate at any time. It just serves as a means to pass along schedules, technical
information and other appropriate comments between enthusiasts.

If you want to be added to the list, please contact the SAMOA webmaster. If you are curious as to what is involved, or want to
know how to begin, feel free to contact anyone on this list. Or, come to the next SAMOA meeting and ask us. Three of us on
the list are Club officers and present at nearly every meeting.
Jim Barger
Steve Dowling
Jim Fulton
Frank Gontarski
Rod Gonzalez
Craig Hensley
Peter Jun
Richard Kashiwada
Ron Petrich
Tim Stalder
Norm Swanberg
Chris Taplin
Stephen Weller