SAMOA June Club Meeting & Annual Swap Meet - June 8, 2017
brand new Tein Flex Z coilovers for
NC Miata...  new unused spacesaver
spare tire for NC Miata...  gently used
Coco mats (black & silver plaid) for NC
Miata...  slightly used sound tube for
ND Miata...  lightly used pair of Rhino
Ramps...  used EcuTek tuning cable
and dongle for NC/ND platform
(requires purchase of tune license)...

Ron Petrich
Our monthly meetings take place at the  Black Bear Diner, located at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA 95833 (916) 641-2327 (see
map at the bottom of the page)
.  This location is in South Natomas near I80 and West El Camino Avenue.
Join your fellow SAMOA members at our annual swap meet.  This trading tirade will take place on Thursday, June 8, 2017, in the Black Bear Diner parking
lot, after a short and sweet general meeting starting at the usual time of 7:00 PM.  This is the longest meeting of the year lightwise (sunset 8:30 PM), and
should afford us plenty of time to haggle, trade, hornswaggle, exchange, barter, negotiate or deal for those long sought parts for your car.  Or an
opportunity to find enough space to actually put a car in your garage (imagine that).

This page is a posting board for each of you to announce what you plan to bring to the corral.  But in no way are you limited to what you post here.  
Bring anything you think might be of interest to other SAMOA members.  But save room in your trunk or passenger seat for any treasures you may find.  
And of course deals struck at the swap meet can always be completed later or elsewhere.

Send the
webmaster (via email) a partial or complete list of what you plan to bring.  Please provide your name,  a description,  what generation Miata the
item(s) applies to (or all), and whether the treasure is new or used.  NO PRICES...  Any $$ sales are strictly negotiated between parties in private onsite.  
Or in a smoky back room...  Or trades...  Or giveaways...

Although our meeting and the following swap meet do not start until 7:00 PM, come early to set up your wares, share a meal with your fellow members,
gawk at the beautiful Miatas, and just generally have a good time.
FREE to a good home...  Jackson
Racing cold air intake for 1990-1993
NA (1.6l) Miatas...  same as sold by
Moss Motors for over $300...

Can deliver at May or July meeting, as
I will be absent in June...

Dennis Swaney
Set of stock 16" wheels and lug nuts
from a 2002 Miata...  Some minor
scuffing on the lips and the center
caps are missing...

Mike Bagnell