SAMOA membership is open to all Miata enthusiasts
(Miata ownership is not required).  Dues are $24.00 for
twelve (12) months (unless waived for the first year -
FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER below), and includes
a variety of Club benefits. You are also entitled to a
biographical page on the club's website, with unlimited
hosted photos.  You can complete the application
process in one of two ways.

1.  Complete an  
online application  and simply mail
your check to SAMOA.
2.  Fill out a
paper application (PDF) and mail it and
your check to SAMOA.

For additional information contact SAMOA's  
Our mailing address is
SAMOA, c/o Membership,
1864 Bridgecreek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833
And click  
here  for a membership informational packet
(Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for these documents
which are in PDF format).  If you have biographical
information and/or pictures for our site (see 1st
paragraph above), please email this information to the
This free membership promotion applies to any person
who is not a current or former member of SAMOA and
who owns at least one Miata. Your first year with the
Club is on us. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits
of the best personal roadster ever built, but you also
get to enjoy it in the company of arguably the finest
Miata club on the planet (and the most modest).

Have you seen any Miatas in your neighborhood lately?  
Let them know about SAMOA and what they are
missing.  Print a SAMOA  
cartag  and leave it on their
Any member may purchase
a personalized SAMOA
membership badge.  Find
an order form and complete
order instructions  
here .
Every SAMOA member can
have a personal page on
our site.  You can include
up to a full page of text
and graphics. Contact the  
webmaster .
Log in to the members-only section for access to a detailed membership roster containing complete contact information.  You will be prompted for a
username and password.  Enter
member as your username and the current monthly password.
DT Nguyen
Skip Noyes & Renee Araiza
Amanda O'Dell
Heather Ogden & Kristine Murphy
Bob & Gennet Paauwe
Kersten & Shannon Pankatz
Andreas Pantis
Jack & Sally Parker
John Perkinson
Ron Petrich & Mary Pat Pauly
Dave & Rayni Quintel
Joe & Carol Rainbolt
Madalene Ransom
Fritz Reuter
Tom & Denice Richards
John & Jean Robins
Michael Robles
William Ross
Rex & Sherri Rowland
Lisa & Michael Savelli
Sally Schimmel
Hugo & Dina Schmidt
Larry Simmonds
Hal Smith
Tim & Patti Stalder
Norman & Virginia Swanberg
Dennis & Mary Swaney
Chris Taplin
John & Mary Ann Taylor
Delcy & Rick Thut
Tom & Cameron Tyer
Jon Wallenberg & Julee Todd
Alexis Watson & Christian Schubert
Vince Weis & Kathi Bell
Stephen & Erica Weller
Earl & Becky Wharton
Greg & Judy Williams
John & Barbara Williams
Tom Williams
Mark & Hannah Woodward
Steve & Yvonne Worrell
Paul Y'barra
Judd Zillioux & Diva Puccinelli
Founding SAMOA Member
Lifetime SAMOA Membership
Miata Count
Joanne Gingrich
Frank Gontarski
Rod Gonzalez
David & Hana Griffin
Gordon Gullett
Steve & Susan Gust
Raul & Susie Cano Guzman
John & Theresa Haefele
John & Susie Hahn
Jay Halden
Narayan Hammari
Zoë Hargrave
Craig Hensley
Will Honeywell
Sharon Howe
Mark & Judy Hudock
Monte Hudock & Randall Echevarria
Linda Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Rod & Rita Johnson
Belinda Johnston & Mike Leary
Elizabeth Jones & Samantha Caballero
Arcadio & Mary Jose
Peter Jun
Richard & Janel Kashiwada
Jack Kelsey
Uri Keshet
Tom Klisz & Sandie Burns
Ed Kornegay
Rick & Kathy Larsen
Mason & Cathy Leach
Rex & Dani Lindgren
Diana Loo & Chris Christainson
Randy & Linda Lucchetti
Larry & Cecelia Lycett
Martin Mahoney & Tarra Benoist
Chris Malysiak
Ryan & Day Mar
Richard & Dorothy McCamey
Jim & Jackie McClure
William & Mary Edna Menezes
Mike & Kirsten Morgan
Michele & Henry Nanjo
Enrique Abendanio-Cautiverio
Richard & Jan Ageson
Julie Anthony
Don & Lisa Asperger
Mike Bagnell & Sandy Rey
Jim & Pat Barger
Wayne & Cheryl Beck
Daniel Bertsch
Tyler Blevis
Martin & Nancy Boersma
Gerald & Viola Bowden
Carl Burckhardt
Ken & Kris Cardwell
Kevin & Elaine Mihailoff Carmichael
Robert & Barbara Castelli
Steven Cimini & Beth Dillman
Dave & Stacey Comerchero
Jim Cordingley
Denise Correia
Barry Cowan & Carol Hanson
Clay & Barbara Cowen
Mark Cutler
Harley Dabler
Adi & Parvin Damania
Dwayne & Toni Dark
Tom & Glenda DeChicchio
Milton & Mara Griffin Dee
Daniel Delacruz
Mike DeLaurentis
Dave & Deidre DeNuzzo
Richard Derr
David & Sally Dettmer
Steve & Diane Dowling
Michele Dunlop
Ken Ebi
Karl Engelking
Chris & Julie Evans
Colleen Fancher & Jim Fulton
Mike & Keren Feuz
Alan Foden
Harold & Arla Folbrecht
Ellen Frosch
Joshua Fryer & Alisha Kirk
Robin & Jeanne George
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