Not A Superbowl Sunday Run - May 21, 2017
We are doing this run just because we CAN...  The weather should be great, the road is in good shape, the hills are green (hence the green title bar above), and this is
a sports car club after all, so why not?

This run will be on the same route as our annual Superbowl Sunday run, and be at an adventurous (
A) pace.  If you don't know what that means, check the M I A T A
S legend on our Events page.  It means we will be thoroughly enjoying our Miatas, within the confines of traffic safety, speed limits, and etiquette.   We will meet at the
AMPM/ARCO in Winters at 8:00AM and depart no later than 8:30AM.  Out on SR128, branch left on SR121, north on Silverado Trail with a stop at the Soda Canyon
Store, continue north to SR128 at the Lake Hennessy turnoff, and back to Winters.  Debriefing at the Round Table Pizza in Winters.

To get to Winters from Sacramento, take I80 westbound, go north on SR113, exit west on Hutchinson, bear right at first circle, left at 2nd circle, right at E7, left on
Russell, continue on to Winters.  AMPM will be on your right.  Don't forget to gas up there or at the Chevron.  Our round trip is about 95 miles back to Winters.  Please
RSVP by Friday, May 19, 2017, and contact me if you have
any questions about the pace or other concerns.

Ron Petrich
(916) 454-1008