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NA Factory Wheels
Richard McCamey
Folsom, CA
(916) 3372253
Four (4) OEM 14" wheels for 1990-1993
.  Like new condition.  On car for less
than a year.  
$200 for the set.  Available for
pick-up in the Sacramento area.  
NA Miata For Sale
Cheryl Contreras
Sacramento, CA
(916) 395-3554
1990 Miata.  First year made.  Second
owner.  135,000 miles, new engine at
60,000.  Asking
$3,900.  (Updated
.  Click on image for more
NC Miata For Sale
Hal Smith
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 534-7357
2011 Grand Touring PRHT.  Copper Red
Asking $14,000 (or $13,500 to a
current SAMOA member)
.  72K miles, with
all the bells and whistles from...  
 Click on image for more
information and pictures.
NB Miata For Sale
Ken LaFler
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 224-8683
Serious Buyers Only!  Silver 2002 Miata,
5-speed manual transmission, 150,000 miles,
Koyo aluminum radiator, AEM dryflow intake,
Koni shocks, Ground Control 700/350
coilovers, full bushing replacement, a/c
delete, stage 1 clutch, light flywheel,
hardtop, Konig +25 bronze wheels ($400
$5,000 with stock wheels, $5,400
with Konig wheels.
Click on image for
more info.
 (posted 11/26/18).
NA Miata For Sale
Tracy Gunter
Auburn, CA
(916) 747-7734
1994 Miata, 135,600 miles, 5-speed manual
Transmission, new battery, tires OK, brakes
new, removable hard top.  Dent in left front
fender, paint needs to be rubbed out.  
More photos available to interested parties.  
Asking $2,000.  Reply to friend Robert
Roth at the email address listed above.  
(posted 11/26/18).