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NA Factory Wheels
Richard McCamey
Folsom, CA
(916) 3372253
Four (4) OEM 14" wheels for 1990-1993
.  Like new condition.  On car for less
than a year.  
$200 for the set.  Available for
pick-up in the Sacramento area.  
NC Miata For Sale
Hal Smith
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 534-7357
2011 Grand Touring PRHT.  Copper Red
Asking $14,000 (or $13,500 to a
current SAMOA member)
.  72K miles, with
all the bells and whistles from...  
 Click on image for more
information and pictures.
NB Miata For Sale
Ken LaFler
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 224-8683
Serious Buyers Only!  Silver 2002 Miata,
5-speed manual transmission, 150,000 miles,
Koyo aluminum radiator, AEM dryflow intake,
Koni shocks, Ground Control 700/350
coilovers, full bushing replacement, a/c
delete, stage 1 clutch, light flywheel,
hardtop, Konig +25 bronze wheels ($400
$5,000 with stock wheels, $5,400
with Konig wheels.
Click on image for
more info.
 (posted 11/26/18).
NB Miata For Sale
Theodore Lynch
Tucson, AZ
(520) 665-9888 (cell phone)
for sale. 6MT.  A one-owner car bought
new in 1999.  All original suspension, brakes,
drivetrain, convertible top and interior.  
Newer tires and battery. Very good
condition.  55K miles.  Pictures available on
request.  Asking
$7,500.  Car is located in
Tucson, AZ.
(posted 12/11/18).
NA Miata For Sale
Curt Haven
Sacramento, CA
(916) 769-3027
1991 red Miata 5-speed manual.  186,000
miles.  Great condition, new tires, battery
and soft top.  It has been owned by my 85
year old mom for the last 10 years and has
been perfectly maintained.  Always
garaged.  Can be driven every day.  Clean
$5,000 cash only.  Click on image
for more pictures.
 (posted 04/09/19)
NA Miata For Sale
David Friedman
Roseville, CA
(916) 786-5777
Classic 1997 Miata for sale.  Green, 5-speed
manual transmission, 138,000 miles, original
parts (to my knowledge).  Soft top with
glass rear window.  
$4,000 or best offer.  
Click on image for more info.  (posted
NB Miata For Sale
Dan Crawford
El Dorado Hills, CA
(925) 765-8833
I just inherited a 1999 Miata.  Seems to be
in pretty good shape.  124,000 miles.  
Current smog and fresh tags.
Click on image for more info.  (posted