Ron Petrich & Mary Pat Pauly
I got the Miata itch several years ago, about 1992, when I saw a beautiful BRG/tan in my neighborhood. However impractical (for me) at the time, however, I
vowed that I would eventually own one. And so now, as an empty nester secure in career and of reasonable bank account, I took the plunge. On February 28,
1999 I took delivery of M2MIATA, a new silver/tan 1999 Miata.  And life has not been the same since.  I have owned many different cars during my short 63 years
on the planet, some nice, most not.  I have owned two other roadsters, a 1971 Fiat 124 Spyder (nice car) and a 1975 Triumph TR6 (good car for the first 500
miles...  then it turned to crap).

By far, my Miata has been the most rewarding and satisfying car I have owned.  And participating in SAMOA has made Miata ownership delightful.  If you actively (or
even occasionally) participate in club events and activities you know what I mean.  Not long after I purchased my car the after-market urge struck.  I have added (in
no particular order of importance) after-market alloys, Falkan Azenis 615 tires, Ground Control coilover springs with adjustable shocks, bigger sway bars, strut brace,
HDHCDD rollbar bar, racing seats and more.  The turbo kit was installed in September 1999 and upgraded to the Link Piggyback the following spring.  Since the track
bug hit, I also have a second set of track-only wheels/tires, a trailer hitch and a small trailer for trackdays.  Where this all ends is beyond me.

Well now we know where it ended... at least for the time being.  With some weeping and gnashing of teeth, I parted with my Miata in December of 2006.  And
purchased a new...Honda S2000.  Its black (thanks Parker) and its quick, and in its first month it had already seen 3 Miata runs.  Don't fear my departing the SAMOA
scene, however, as I'll continue to maintain my membership, this website, but most importantly, the great friendships I've made in this club.  I use the Honda as a
sometimes daily driver, sometimes track car, and sometimes weekend warrior.  It is mostly stock, except for Ground Control/Koni coilovers and a custom exhaust.

UPDATE:  The Honda is gone, replaced with a new 2012 GT PRHT 6SM in arguably the most beautiful color Mazda has ever produced - Liquid Silver!
My new MX-5 has also been subjected to more than a casual round of upgrades.  They say that a Miata has a small trunk but still holds a lot of money.  I guess that's
true in my case as well.  But at least I don't spend my funds frivolously on such things as expensive fur coats, trips to Mongolia, or helicopter skiing.  In no particular
order, my 2012 has seen Tein Flex coilovers, Racing Beat sway bars and adjustable end links, an assortment of IL Motorsport and Moss chassis braces, a Goodwin
Racing midpipe, custom axle-back twin exhaust with muffler delete, cocoa mats, black Plastidip treatment on badges, grill trim, roll hoops and mirrors, rear badhge
removal, custom Special Edition badges, Enkei Fujin black wheels, 235/40/17 AD08 rubber, Phillips led DRLs, amber fog lights with switch modifications, complete
Bosectomy and replacement with a Kenwood DNX890HD navigation head unit, Helix E62C door speaker sets, Kenwood KAC1502C amplifier, Pioneer TSA878 rear
speakers, backup camera, Escort Passport 9500iX radar detector with J28 Blendmount mirror mount and wiring harness, custom performance wheel alignment,
UKDesign lexan wind deflector, Speedbleeders, customized license plates (2012SE)... I also have a Dynaplug tire repair kit in the trunk, and an RX8 spacesaver spare
(that fits in the trunk) for long road trips.  I have a set of black Enkei RPF1 wheels which will be remounted shortly (now that I have sold my track-only tires).  They
are significantly lighter than the current Fujins.  Interestingly, no modifications have been made to the motor...yet.  As soon as a smog-legal supercharger kit is
available in California, however...

UPDATE 01/31/17...  2012 NC is gone, replaced by a 2016 ND GT 6MT.  Meteor Gray.  Modifications too numerous to mention in total, but include coilovers,
sways, tune and R comp tires.  Car is set up for back roads and track.