I bought my first Miata (a 1993 named Red Rover) in 1997 and within a month joined SAMOA.  I "served time" as a SAMOA officer and put on many
unique events, such as the Historical Hide & Seek Rally.  As a result, I know most of the roads within 50 miles of Sacramento!  In 2000 a new club
member joined and he asked me to teach him how to run unusual club events like rallies and scavenger hunts.  I guess he liked my ideas, because he
married me in 2001 and we continue to own two Miatas that sit side-by-side in the garage.

In 2012 I decided I wanted a newer Miata -- one with air conditioning.  It took me months to find the right one at the right price, but in July 2012 I came
home with a 2011 Mazda executive car with 4600 miles on the odo and a power hard top.  When I put the old car up for sale I was afraid some boy
racer would buy it, strip it and ruin my beloved Red Rover.  As it turned out, a coworker's mom from Southern California bought it sight unseen.  She
continues to baby the car and treat it as I would.  And I get to visit the car whenever I am in L.A.  What a relief!

The 2011 Copper Red Mica PHRT is named Banzai.


My toy is a nice 1992 Silverstone Miata named Trickster. I purchased it after getting the bug to have a small convertible (mid life crisis?). It's been a blast
to drive.  It was mostly luck to find this particular car; it has almost everything I wanted and is in exceptionally good shape. It had under 38,000 miles on
it when I bought it. The car also brought some good luck with it. After joining the local Miata club I soon met the love of my life!
Genny & Bob Paauwe