By Denise Correia

8 years ago on July 4th weekend, I fell in love with my first Miata, a '96
M-edition.   At 151,000 miles I was still happy to drive the foothills every chance I
got for what I call "4-wheel therapy".    I confess there were several times I was
attracted to another Miata, first the Mahagany then during the last couple of
years I was dreaming of a new retractable hard top in Stormy Blue.    Finally, the
excuse to buy a new Miata presented itself on July 4th weekend.  My grandson
needed my Miata and after some thought, I agreed he could adopt it.    
Coincidentally, on July 4th weekend, I said a teary "goodbye" to my '96 M while
my grinning grandson drove it away.  I heard he spent 3 hours detailing it and
even changed the oil so I am convinced my much loved '96 M-edition was
adopted by a true "Miata" man.  

Of course, I started my research of the internet with a spreadsheet containing
about 40 Miatas then eventually I requested price quotations for about 15 MX-5
models scattered about California.   Finally, I found two with my criteria "dreamy
next Miata" ......2008 Stormy Blue Grand Touring Power Retractable Hardtop with
tan/saddle leather interior with 6-speed manual plus the suspension package
(premium package, sirius radio, appearance package, chrome wheels, chrome fuel
door, "wood" dash/shift knob/brake/door buttom trim).....Escondido Mazda
offered the most options on a similar model as offered by a San Jose dealer but
San Jose model was price at $2000 higher without all the options.  The decision
seemed clear and easy.  The sales contact at Escondido Mazda is a long time Miata
lover and club member, Barb Shev, who quickly responded to my every question
with energy and enthusiasum.  Initially, my Placerville friend was making a trip to
San Diego to visit her sone but was not able to schedule her trip in the near
future.  Barb was willing to pick me up from the airport and made other very kind
offers.  On Friday, July 11th, I caught a Southwest flight from Sacramento to San
Diego.   Barb met me in a titanium Miata at the airport then we drove to the
dealer ....topdown during a 71 degree clear and smokeless day.   Barb introduced
me to everyone at the dealership.  We found mine getting a last minute detail
touchup.  I said a teary "hello" to my new love.  Time for paperwork and scary
money changing then Barb provided a terrific lunch for me.  After lunch she spent
a couple of hours to help me drive a twisty nearby road, learn the feel of my new
baby, and review the operation of every button & knob from bumper to bumper.  
She mentioned the differences between my '96 and my '08 then demonstrated
the up & down procedure for the hardtop and numerous other items while
letting me try until I felt comfortable with each operation.  She helped program
radio stations and even set the clock for me.  Finally, with clear directions I left
Barb in Escondido about 5:00pm to drive to Fresno. Five hours later I arrived at
my folks home in Fresno after a miraculous drive with no traffic or trouble at all.  The next day my family enjoyed show and tell with me (mom, dad, brother,
sister, nieces, nephew, in-laws) including rides around the country blocks and celebrated my new baby.   Early Saturday afternoon SJVMC members met me for
lunch (Sharon Mack and Bill Morris) to celebrate my new baby.  I decided to christen him Wild Blue (as in off into the wild blue yonder) and started looking for a
chrome license plate to include his name.    About 4:30pm I left Fresno to return home to Placerville.    I stopped for gas then learned my mileage to be 30mpg
(so far, which is higher then estimates on the window sticker) during my first 48 hours of ownership and about 750 miles of driving.  

Sunday the "Miata High" continued during visits with SAMOA member (Skip Noyes and Ron Crawford).  Also during visits with girlfriends (Ellen and Karlene) who
offered lots of positive responses via ooohs & aaaahs.    I am delighted and enjoying the euphoria of my new baby.

Denise Correia